I Need Some Sleep

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I'm so sleep deprived these days :/ Daily I sleep around 2 am or so :/ Today I got home around 6 :/ Final exams are starting in a week and I'm not a teeny bit prepared :/ Dayum! Kia banay ga mera? It seems like all my effort of the past 4 years will go down the drain. I don't want to get the same kind of GPA I got in the first semester - 3.25 - the lowest ever! This time I've got just 4 courses. Yes, JUST four! And I don't feel like studying for them. Those who know what I am up to these days will definitely pray for me and my next 2-3 years :D All those thinking otherwise should shun those silly ideas :D

Oh, guess what, I made these coconut-chocolate tarts on Bushi's birthday. *sigh* Lil brothers are so annoying and so demanding =( And sistas like me always whine and then happily fulfill all of their demands too :P *hah* Silly we :D

Okay, okay, okay. Now get back to the point. I said I needed some sleep.

So, chee ya all.


Cheerio folks =)

PS: That's our uni catty =)
PPS: My ultra silly, stupid, foolish (that's enough!) brothers ate all the tarts! I just got to eat 2, wo bhee yesterday =( *boohoo*



Anonymous says:

God i wrote a huge comment but this silly freaking profile selection didn't let me through :( Now it's all gone.

In short, wishing you all the very luck in the world, may you clear your exams with flying colors. Ameen and good luck!

~Leemz: Awww. Silly comment box =(
Thankoos for the wishes =) Ameen to you sweet prayers =)

best of luck for your exams!
you will ace em .. INSHALLAH =)

all the best ... jao abb parhayi karo - FB ki jaan choro :P

And I wana adopt u as my sis :$

best of luck for your exams ....

hahahah and asma ki baat suno :p

Best of lucky dinky gal. and good night. sweet dreams :)

~Huda: Aww, thanks for the wishes =)

~Asma: I use FB in my break time :P Ab andaza laga lein aap :P
Awww, how shweet *hugs* but I like non-fermaishi siblings :P

~Ubaid: Lol. Thanks =)

~AJ: Thankoo =) and good evening :P

I. Love. Cats!

Asma says:

Absar you mean female cats? :P

~Absar: I like cute cats only :P

~Asma: what will he do with male cats? :P

Let me rephrase. I love females and cats! :P

There's this big, cute cat in our mohalla in Karachi... uff I go crazy after it, cuddling and everything! And I like to think that we've got a two-way relationship! :P

Asma says:

And you've written Straight in ur FB profile info, ain't ye?

Usually I give this kinduva thing a religious twist to prevent my friends from making further deductions, laikin tumhein kaun rok sakta hai! :P

~Absar: I'm pretty amazed the cat doesn't run away from you :P

~Asma: What has he written? Here for: Friendship with cats? :P

tons of good luck for everything sista...:)

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