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I need a few passport-size photographs for university. The stock of my photographs (taken 6 years ago) finished just a few days back. Thankfully I'm still the same after these six long years, as opposed to Momin :P But sadly, I lost the negative of those pictures :( So, today I had to go to the photographer for new passport-size photos.

Either the photographer uncle had some parallax error with his eyes or there really is a problem with my neck. I sit with a straight neck, but the photographers always say, "Beta, keep your neck straight...and blah blah blah". And then when I struggle to keep it straight, they go like, "Now please tilt your neck a lil on the right". I mean what the heck!!!! And then, when I tilt it on MY right, they angrily say, "Betaaaa, on MY right side!" Such things make me so furious! I grit teeth and get ready for the damn photograph. :@

Another problem that I face is of my head-scarf. The photographers want my eyes and eyebrows to be prominent in the picture. And my scarf hides half of my not-so-long or beautiful eyebrows. And I find it really annoying to adjust my scarf. Because if I do, I feel my face to be popping out of the scarf :/

I remember when I went for my Driver's License photo. The guy did not bother to inform me and clicked the camera. I've got THE worst picture on my license! And I have to keep the damn thing with me for a good number of years :/

Cheerio folks =|



LOL! I absolutely hateeee taking passport size photographs, the photographers are soooo annoying! :P

*brags again* I can do the passport size one's at home ... buhahahah that's easy :D !!

~Siras: Ask me! I hope I never lose my negative now :P

~Ubaid: WOW! You should get a Nobel Prize on that :P

jst go to ur license office and tell them that u lost ur license.....

*evil smile*

~YWB: They'd ask for a re-test :/ And I drive worse now :P I'm keeping it with the hope that some day it will expire :P

I have the worst photo on my licence too...what's worse is that it had to be black and white so consequently I look like some sort of zombie on my license. boo =/

Lol! I don't think ANY camera in the world can miss your eyes! They're unsettlingly HUGE! :P
(Kind of like my nose.. mein ne socha is se pehle ke tum kaho, mein khud hi keh duun :)

my ID card's got the worst ever possible pic :( and oh I remember the one on my passport too =( How can you give a fake smile with dozens of ppl looking at you .. yup the pic for Passport was taken at their booth ... but the one for my visa thingy came out marvellous ... i had 104 degrees temperature and had no make up on .. but it looks daym cool :D

and I know what you mean by face popping out ... its better with forhead a bit covered hii ..s o show us pic .. we'll give you the critique .. u know what Blaaager friends are for :P

~Brok3n: Black n white photo? Kis zamanay ki hay? :P

~Absar: Hawww. Ab they aren't even that huge!
You're aqalmand, werna I can never forget your HUGE nose :P

~Asma: Lol. Next time you go to get your picture, make sure you aren't wearing any make-up :P

Lol. I might email you :P

please do ... but as my cozin put it u've got that marriage glow thingyy ~ i guess its back to norm now :P

SO I'll wear lots of makeup next time :P

will wait for pic ;)

raat ko na bhejna bas :S

Lol @ that glow =) Might be true :P

I'd send you right after fajr prayers takay baaki din acha guzray, oki? :P

same hea ..
how can i forgot the most horrible one on my CNIC:@
i wish i could change that :-/

~Ash: When is it expiring? :P

Ughhh! I hate passport size photographs and that reminds me of getting 8 of em by tuesday :S

Thanks for being the savior or I would have been in hot waters with the officials! (:

~Bitter Truth: Lol. Make sure you're smiling when the photographer uncle is taking photos :D

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