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So I went to Ritzy's place for a group study session today. Nav, Momin and Ali were there too. Nav brought his guitar and we sang a few songs after we got exhausted with studies. Then went downstairs to have lunch. Then we planned our visit to Isloo. That was one fun part =) Tomorrow we have to meet at Momin's place, and we (Nav particularly) kept on asking her about the menu :P So mufta.com we are! :D Oh, and in the end we watched TV, but these silly guys didn't let us watch Filmazia. :D

It was a whole lot of fun today but the power outage irritated us a lot. Thanks to the dead UPS and the funtional generator at Ritzy's place, we survived! :P Ritz kept on serving me LimoPani and in the end I pleaded her that my tummy is begging me to stop torturing it. So, she served me Brownies :D And Momin was as hungry as ever, and she kept on saying with every bite of brownies, "No Ritz, I've had breakfast" :D

I just can't forget this group study. All-girls group-study sessions are THE best! :P They provide a chance to sing in whatever kachra voice you've got. And to dance too :P And to laugh at the silliest jokes you can't crack infront of guy friends, because they make you feel extra silly :D Hahaha. But well, Nav and Ali know we're silly girls and they enjoy making fun of us. And we don't even mind that. We know they are sillier than us :D Lol. Okay, that's stupid now! Oh, and we took silly pictures and made videos of Nav playing the guitar and singing in his heavy voice :D

Well, I end this post here, as I have to go study till we meet tomorrow at Momin's.

Cheerio folks =)



I am never a combined study person, i used to prefer it alone, unless absolutely necessary. Though I am glad u ppl r having fun :)

Even I'm also not a big fan of combined study sessions, but now as these 4 years are heading to completion, I want to spend some time with my silly friends and enjoy every bit of it :D

Aww, sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. :)

i dont like combined study. a lot of chaos happens on a personal level!

lol when u wrote "All-girls group-study sessions are THE best" I was like errr Ali? all girls? but thanks for clearing in next sentence :P. so Nav ka nick name is because hes a navigator :P

~Siras: O yeah. And we're going to have even more fun today, InshAllah =)

~AD: Lol. It has it its own disadvantages but I like to overlook them :P

~Acro: Lol. Acro, where are your specs? :P And Nav is Naveed :D

khabardar... aisa na ho ye combine study sessions..
make 4 years to 5...

~Jingoist: Lol. It seems like you belong to "Wizarat-e-Perhai" :D
Allah na karay jo aisa ho :P

we also tried to have a combined study session in university
all of us were worst++ in that subject
the whole class stayed at hostel
we tried to open books and then decided to have dinner first
came back from dinner at 4:00 am
and appeared in exam
and to our surprise everybody passed that course
and we all thought that actually it was the teacher who needed to worry about our papers :D

~Duffer: Lol. Your story is one of it's kind. Probably all of you are happy-go-lucky people :D

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