Happy Birthday Bushi! :D

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To: Dearest Daddy
Address: The biggest castle in Heaven.
Date: May 24, 2009 (Earth Standard Time)

Shweetest Papa,

Today was Bushi's birthday. And I made these cookies and cheese-stuffed pizza, AND coconut-chocolate tarts :D How do the cookies look like? Cutie na? I was itching to make them the day I saw this recipe on Leemz blog. And today I just did :D When 4 months ago you brought these cutie cookie cutters, I was dying to have a cookie recipe and use those cutters. And today I just did :) Although after making these cookies and tarts I could barely stand, but I totally enjoyed trying out these new recipes =)

And I'm missing you way too much today. =( Every time I make something new or scrumptious I miss you. You always used to love it and would appreciate it with a pat on my back =( I wish you were here. =( I'm sending these cookies. Do share them with your friends and let me know if they like it or not =) I'd send more if they do =D

Keep praying for your silly daughter =)

Tataz =)



cuties ..happy bday lil paaru bushy <3 *

Khush raho sadaa*

and ur sis did a great job ... me likes me likes 'em and want them =(

Yummmmm .. looks dilicious ..

send me some =(

Happy Birthday Dear Bushi
yum yum menu
i am more interested in pizza n tarts as compare to cookies as they r sho cutiepie so it would be cruel of me to eat 'em :D

btw...dinky would you like to give me some baking classes :D as i am super dupper duffer in this regard :(

happy birthday to bushi :) !!

~Asma: Lol. He's not 'lil' now :D
Kis ki sis, Bushi ki ya meri? :P

~Huda: Awight. E-mailing you :P

~Ash: Lol. Thanks for liking the menu =) And I'm not a perfect cook or something, but I won't mind giving lil tips :P

~Ubaid: Thankoo =)

happpppy birthday bussshiiiiii. :) and no one finds u silly. u are an incredible sister. keep it up :)

Chumpoo says:

Happy B'day to Bushi. Where's the cake?

may Allah gives health to you and your siblings and keep safe from all kind of sorrows. Ameen

~AJ: Thankoo =)

~Chumpoo: I didn't make cake, I made tarts =)
Ameen to your prayers =)

Happy Birthday to Bushi :D

And those are such cutie cookies, how did anyone manage to eat such cute things! :P

Loads of prayers for you my friend. :)

Sughar hu gayee hai larkee!!

~Siras: Thankoo =) And seriously I found it hard to eat bite the cookie kid's eye :P
Thankoo loads for praying =)

~Jingoist: Hahaha. You sound like my Nani ammi :D

sugar cubes.... its natural :)

many many happy returns of the day to bushi :P

sorry couldnt make to the birthday part .... was very bzy

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