Somethings ARE Impossible

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When my father passed away, I didn't want to believe it. I did not cry because I did not accept it. But on the second day, when the awful truth began to dawn upon me, I locked myself up in my room and cried like anything. I so much wished to have him back - just for a few hours.

At that time I realized that no matter how much I pray or how hard I ask Him for his return, he won't ever come back. He's gone for ever. But that night, my father did come. My wish to meet him for a few hours did come true. My ecstasy had no bounds. I was so dead thankful to Allah. I was so glad to have him back. I knew now that he's back, I can talk to him for as long as I want to. There he was sitting in an immaculate dress with a soft smile on his face.

Me: Where did you go?
Dad: Nowhere. I was right here.
Me: Then why did I not see you for so many days?

And he did not reply and vanished. And at that very moment I woke up from my dream. Everything was gone. He was gone. I felt like I had been electrocuted. He was there with me. He had to be there with me for ever. And again, the bitter reality bit me, and brought me back to the real world. It was 4 am, and I was crying alone to have him back. There were so many things I had to tell him about - about my shooting lessons, about those Rainbow cupcakes, about my studies. I wanted to watch the talk shows with him, to take him out to the relatives', and hear him secretly admire about my driving with mum. I don't know for how long I cried or when I slept. But all I know is Somethings ARE Impossible!



Don't have words, for what you would've been through. Some things are impossible. I hope you be good :)

Listen he is with you and will always remain with you no matter he is physically present with you or not but his prayers and his soul will always remain with you !!

Anything i write or say here will be meaningless. I have lost loved one's too and i know how it feels. But this is how things r, and we realize how important the relations and people r, but alas, we often realize it when its too late

I feel so sorry for the loss you have suffered, and it may sound very empty that you have him in your heart etc.. cuz there waqai main isn't any substitute of having a living breathing laughing person besides you.. :'(

I can only pray that may Allah bless you for the patience you show now, and the endurance, and may He reunite your family in Jannah, to live blissfully ever after.


Some things ARE impossible, totally agree and losing a loved one is THE most impossible.

I know, knowing that he'll always be in your heart can never be enough, but remember that Allah will never test you with more than you can handle, it's a test like everything else.

Believe me, the only place you can find peace in such moments is in prayer and in remembrance of Allah. And though at times it's very very difficult, if you put faith in Him, He does pull you through.

Take care *big warm hug*

i think it is better i say nothing and just pray that you have the patience to come through!

This is so touchy .. I am speechless :( *hugss*

The last post I read on your blog was about your father being taken to hospital but then he got better and healthy..after that I was so out of contact with the blogging world..today, the first post i get to read on your blog is about your father..and I am shook to the core..

None of my words will make a difference or ease the pain..I cannot even fully comprehend the pain you're in and yet all my prayers are with you...may you be so blessed in your life and become so successful and happy that you keep on feeling that your father is proud of you in every step of your life...

From what I gather from your writings, you're one sweet and kind hearted person and deserve all the happiness in the world.

*Hugs and prayers*

Thank you all for praying for him and being so supportive. May Allah reward you all. Ameen.

BiYA says:

Crying badly.
am speechless.

Alhamdolillah dear ... you did manage to share some of these things with him. And the loving bond you had with him in his life's going no where :)

**lots of love**


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