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Went to the range today after a long time. Met the new coach, who asked me some million and 2 times why can't I not come to the range in the morning. *sigh* So today I used the smaller target and tried my shots on it. In the picture below, you can see the smaller one placed on the larger one. Shot 7 bullets. One of them went out of the board, and 6 made it to the target :D Had I practised on the larger target board, all of my bullets would've made it to the black rings. But from now on, I'd be using the smaller ones. These are the ones for Rifle shooters. So I need to focus more on placing my bullets in the black rings.

Oh, and I did tell you we had such an awesome day. We took heck silly pictures. Lol :D Whenever I take my Apple pie to the university, my friends go nuts and then we take hundreds of pictures - all silly and stupid :D

Thant's all for today =D

Cheerio folks =)



U need a glasses to see ur TARGET.

yaah darhi wala koon hai?

~AliBaba bhai: Lol. I do wear glasses when shooting :D
And that guy is our classmate, Nav.

Aww, those silly pics make the most memorable ones. :)

~Siras: You have no idea what kind of pics we took :D

Who's you in it? :S

Wow. Your aiming is just perfect! :D

Lol@ the pics. Everyone appears static except the bearded guy. Thanks to him, I realized all those were different pics :)

U make me long for shooting with my Air Gun heheheh

~Uni: You guess ;)

~Dhanya: Oh really? But I still want my shots to hit the bull's-eye :(
Lol, yeah. We also didn't know that the pictures will be like this :D

~JonyBr: You've got your own Air Gun? What are you waiting for then? :D

Samz says:

shuker hai target board kaafi large hai....warna tou ssari bullets hi bahir hotin:P btw try karo "1 inch ki doori se" shayed sahi lag lag jaye:P

love the effect which you done on the picture =) !!

and oh i love shooting but i don't get the time to do it =(

~Samz: The target board that I now practise on is very small. It's like 8"x 8". And I practise on 50 Metre long shooting range :P And there's hardly a bullet that goes out of the board :P

~Ubaid: Thanks =)
You have to tke time out. It's hell fun!

Shooting....interesting and I love those silly pics. They make me smile when I see em after a looong time :)

~Bitter Truth: Lol. I'm still laughing at all the 144 pics that we took that day :D
And hey, welcome to my blog =)

who are the un-bearded ppl =D
Baree faraghat hai univ mein... konsi nae roshnee univ hai btw ??

~Jingo Bhai: Bohat saray hein. Aap ko kis ka poochna hay? :D
Uni mein faraghat nahi hay. We're actually über genious people. We don't need to study :P

yeah yeah...
hur bigra huwa bacha yahee kehta hai!!
Dad I dun need to study!! ... teachers are wasting my time =D

~Jingoist: Nahi, I go to teach my teachers. Unhein to koooooch bhee nahi aata :P

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