Flying Without Wings

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I'm in love with this song for I-don't-know how many years. And today when I put my play list on shuffle, this song came up. Oh man, this song kind of infuses life in me. I love it. There was once a time when The Bittersweet Symphony was like that to me. And also "When you say nothing at all" by Ronan Keating. Oh, and how can I forgot that ever-green song, "Stay the Same" by Joey McIntyre.

So here, check out the lyrics of "Flying Without Wings". Or, you can watch the video here. Embedding was not allowed. =(

And this song is the best! It's "This I Swear" by Nick Lachey. And this song always reminds me of this silly friend of mine. I miss you =(

And here's Joey McIntyre. When we bought a new computer (some 2 decades or so ago), I copied this song from SD's PC and loved it. And I still do. And this song always ALWAYS reminds me of him. I miss you =(

Oh well, watch this too =)

I feel so fresh and happy right now =)

Cheerio folks =)



when you say nothing one is the best ... but i like the one which the girl sang !!

Such a relaxing post lol
just came back from office and now i m enjoying ur songs on my relax chair with cup of a tea :)

~Ubaid: Yeah, but do listen to This I swear. That's such a cute song. Nick Lachey is cute too :P

~JonyBr: Aww, thank you for liking the post. =)

Soo many nice songs in one post! I might die of cuteness overdose! =P

oye 2 decades ago ... i dun remember if those XTs could play song on Disk Operating System...

How did you play it topiii ? =P

~Siras: Lol. I had to post this one song - Flying without wings - but then I was reminded of a few more cool songs and I just couldn't resist posting about all of them :P

~Jingo: Lol. I meant a decade ago. 2 decades ago I was a very tiny kid. :P Thanks for correcting this math error :P

ahh ronan keating :D

Ahhh, yeah =)

I LOVE Ronan Keating's 'When You Say Nothing At All'. Sooooo dreamy, ain't it ? :D

I don't listen to pop music much, but I think Joey McIntyre's Stay The Same is an awesome song.

I do like John Mayer's 'Say'.

If you wanna listen to my kind of tunes, youtube 'Lux Aeterna'.

Nice post :)

~Dhanya: O yeah... And I like "If tomorrow never comes", and that "You needed me" too. All of them are so superb!!! =D

~Viks: Thanks for liking the post. And me is searching Lux Aeterna. =)

Oye hoye kya yaad dila diya ustaad!! I mean kya zamana yaad dila dya! I used to LOVE that When You Say Nothing At All song! There was this one other song by Westlife - Swear it Again - yaad hai?

~Absar: Kia yaad dila dia Ustani sahiba? :P
I love Swear it All Over again!!!! Ahhh, what a cool song it is =)

Tum to dil pe hi le gayien :P
I know!! Abhi I've started humming it aloud... I feel sorry for Aamanna! :P

~Absar: Lol. See, I told you I've got worse things to do at this time :D
And why feeling sorry for Aamanna only, bhabi gone somewhere? Or has she developed the habit of tolerating you? :P

BTW the best thing about songs of Ronan keatings is you dont get bored even if the sounds are off ;)

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