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Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, July 22, 2008 in
I feel like "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yabba Dabba Dooooooooooooooooooooooo (ing)"

Don't mind, Dinky Mind has lost her senses. She's missing Lala, Talal (remember the one I was going to get married to?) and Aashoo :(

And she wants to read a good book in this cool cloudy weather (with cashew nuts, of course). So, any recommendations?

And she's wondering why do these stupid guys at office fix their belts or adjust their trousers in front of the whole world.

And she's disgruntled at the office boy who has made Nido milk's coffee :/ Who likes Nido or any other powdered milk? :

And she's looking at her hands and counting those uncountable lines. Okay, that was exaggeration. But Dinky Mind likes to exaggerate :)

And she's thinking in how many equal strips a paper is divided when you pass it through a shredder.

And she wants to go and pull the string of those window blinds so she could see the nice weather out there, but she knows that these three people who actually "own" this window wouldn't let her do it (neither does she has the courage to ask them or do it herself). Meano people!

And she wants to go out on a shopping spree. Haye, when will I go to buy clothes for Eid? :$

And she's trying to straighten this paper clip.

And she's wondering how many millimeters are there in 12.76 kilometers.

And she's looking at this glass of water and trying to identify the upper and lower miniscus.

And she just found out that miniscus and meniscus mean the same thing! [People just like to invent new spellings for the same thing]

And she wants to go sit on the tip of a mountain and enjoy the rain pellets.

Okay, enough blahs for today. I'm happy now. In an hour I'd be out of here and I'd be enjoying the weather!!! :) Cloudy weather always makes me happy :D

Cheerio folks =)



this just means ur boss doesnt give ur work :P Farigh.com :P

"And she's wondering why do these stupid guys at office fix their belts or adjust their trousers in front of the whole world."

lol I have no asnwer to it :P

have fun drive safe I hope no one makes fun of u :p on the road

Anonymous says:

Dont read War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy).

I m re-reading Moby Dick, Damn I love that book. Its my fav.

Ok What should I recommend.... Do you want literature, biographies, politics?

Read Sum Tzu The Art of War. Its My most favorite book. jk Read Robert Ludlum's Matlock paper if you want a good thriller. Or if you are interested in something more existential Read something from Khalil Gibran.

Anonymous says:

love cashew nuts too...so it was cloudy today...not here at all...it was as hot as it can get...

straightening paper clips is one of my favorite fidgets too...

I like condensed milk since the day I got to UAE...both in coffee and tea...Nido is out...

~Acro: Jes jes, yesterday I even went home early. "Forty five minutes" early!!!! :D Did I succeed in making you feel jeslus? :P

~Safiullah: Me has The Ethics of War & Peace by Paul Christopher.
What do I want to read? Hmmm, I want to read something like "The five people you meet in heaven" :D lol...Well, I am waiting for "Tuesdays with Morrie" by the same writer. I hope I get it sooooon :$

~UTP: And roasted cashew nuts are like...just WOW!!!! :) I remember when I used to have them so much that I got sick of them. But it was long time ago. So I want to have them now again. Loads of em.
Oh, and condensed milk is so so awesome. I just take a spoonful of it and lick it :D Dinky likes to enjoy every bit of good taste :)

Anonymous says:

Try finding an article on Rolling Stones (The Magazine) website.

100 Greatest rock sogs ever. It was an interesting read.

no u didnt :P

btw how does one do ?

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yabba Dabba Dooooooooooooooooooooooo (ing)"

please explain preferably with audio and visual aid thankyouverymuch

Anonymous says:

Have nt you ever watched Flintstones?

what an interesting internship :) and my my..you have a very acute sense of observation...

Dinky Mind..I have a feeling that we both are working really near by..shahrae-faisal.. faluda post..all location and sights, I see 'em everyday..

Anyhow, internships can be really boring at times :)

~Safiullah: Send me the link please. I'm too lazy to search it myself :$

~Acro: Eid nae hay aaj :p

~Safiullah: Oh, I am a big, rather a BIG fan of Flitstones. :) I miss singing the song to Talal.

Anonymous says:

100 Greatest Guitar Songs of all time


100 Greatest Guitarists of all time


500 Greatest Albums of all time


Anonymous says:

i hope it wasnt any of my seniors who was fixing his belt in the middle of the office... :$

~Lubna: My office is surely not near Shahrah-e-Faisal. :D I'm in one of those 3 Bahria Complexes. :D

~Safiullah: Oh, thanks for the links. :D Will check them real soon :)

~Ailya: Welcome mon amie :D Lol, yes it was your kaangri senior :D But hey, we have a lot of people here who do that. You need to observe now :P

Anonymous says:

come to Isloo land .. we'll go shopping together =))

~Asma: Is the weather good there? :D I love shopping in cloudy weather :)

foran free eik kaaam bola tha :P

~Acro: KOnsa kaam?

bhoool giya :(

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