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Got this book yesterday, and finished reading it in one go. It was very interesting, but had too many characters. So it was hard to keep track of all of them, and I kept on going back to previous chapters to find who's daughter Agnes was, etc. I was so pissed off at Uriah, who would keep on saying, "I'm a humble person, so is my mother. We have a humble home and humble this and humble that and humble everything". And I was glad to know how he was found guilty. I was actually waiting for that chapter. Hehe. I like books which have happy endings. Yep, Dinky Mind doesn't like to contemplate much on the sad endings. :)
The lesson that I've learnt from this book is, "Three things you should always remember: Never be proud, always be kind, and never be dishonest."

And I bought another book - Best Quotations for All Occasions. Back in A-Levels, we used to have this book - Collins Dictionary of Quotations, and I always wanted to have it. Now I've got a similar book, and I'm so happy to read it.

Remember people, exactly after a month I'd be celebrating my birthday, so please buy nice books for me abhi se :P

Aray, I heard this cool song on radio when I was driving to office. But could hear only a few lines :( And it goes like:

لیے آنکھوں میں غرور
ایسے بیٹھے ھیں حضور
جیسے جانتے نہیں
پہچانتے نہیں

:) Lol. It's a song by Ahmed Rushdi, and I just can't find any link to download it from. So if anybody has this song with them, please please please mail me. Thankooo :)

Cheerio foilks =)



book in one go in one day :|, only books I have finished in one go were Harry Potter ones :P, right now I have four books which I started last year and still havnt passed page 50 :P so well u can guess I am kind of jeslus(correct spelling?) and thanks for spoling this book too hmpfh

and to the People dont buy her books please :P do a public service and buy her a smart car :p

Anonymous says:

umemi ... here's the link :)

~Acro: Yup, had to finish reading it in one day before I could forget the links in characters. :D
oooo...smart car bolay to? Bohat he awesome honi chahiay :P

~Asma: Awww...thankoo...but idhar to flash he nae hay :S ganda, ganda, ganda office !!! :(

ghareeb office :P

in case u dont know what smart car is heres the preview


Anonymous says:

The only charles dickens book I liked was the tale of two cities.

~Acro: Oh, thanks. :D Chanda jama kerna shuru ker dein ab :P

~Safiullah: I have that one too :D Bus aaj se I'd start reading it.

:P jee bus sheikhon say contact kiya hai dua karain :P

*snatches all dinkos charles dickens book :D yay

I share my birthday with Charles Dickens... :P Will you buy and read my books? :D

~Acro: Why snatching my books? :$ I don't like phati hui books :$

~Hina: I have read almost all of Dickens' books :D think of something else na

nae phtai nae :(

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