I'm Speechless!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, July 10, 2008 in ,
Lol, not in that sense, but I seriously can't speak!!! That's true. And being quiet for even 5 minutes bugs me a lot. And even if I speak, i sound like Mr. Bean! :( Dayum! That's not fair!

Had an appointment with the dentist's today. And after a 1-hour wait, he pushed the retainers in my mouth in just 10 minutes! And man, this stoopid thing is making my mouth all watery! :/ On my way to the office (after the dentist's visit), I had my mouth stuffed with tissue papers! More than half of the box got empty in my 10-minute drive, leaving a trail of wet tissues on the road. And when I reached office, at the entrance, I met this old security guard who would always greet everyone with his wrinkly smile. Instead of saying "Walaikum Assalam", I just nodded and smiled and quickly paced towards my office. I felt so bad then :(

And now, in the office, I'm conversing with people by writing my messages on papers! :
When I wrote, "I've got braces. I can't speak. Any task for me?" and showed it to my boss, he was about to write the reply, when he realized and asked stupidly, "You can hear, right?" And I nodded again :D I'm surely going to have a serious pain in my neck now - have to nod every now and then.

Even drinking water has become a problem for me. It seems like passing through many rivulets before finally flowing down to my tummy.

Please pray for me. These retainers are more menacing than the fixed braces. :S

Cheerio folks =)



is it really that painful or you feeling it... many people have braces but they don't complain that much... well i don't know what is your condition im just asking :) a few photos will be helpful for the case study :)

Anonymous says:

you must be looking so cute in those retainersss.. although the pain must be something you would get used to after nodding for hours with anyone you would speak too..it must b funny when u would smile now with your dimple smile and then the retained mouth :)

Anonymous says:

how much does a man do to live (beautifully) LOL!
get well soon

~Harris: I WAS feeling it! :D Since I can take them off now, so me wouldn't complain either ;) I don't have nice teeth, so photos wouldn't help :D

~FoodyMoody: Eh? Mister, how do YOU know so much about me? :/

~Unaiza: Oh, me all well ab :D Alhamdolillah :D

Anonymous says:


My first time at your blog. And the very first post was so close to home that I just HAD to comment! :D

Braces, retainers, getting FOUR teeth pulled out...I have been through all that...but let me tell you, it's all worth it! ;)

~Shy Soul: Welcome to my bloggy :) and oh, I didn't get any teeth pulled out...I've got all my 32s :D

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA absolute funny not the pain part though :(, btw tissues on road tsk tsk bad manners, car mein rakha karo then throw them at once :@

~Acro: Gaari gandi ho jati wet tissues se :$
Ainda wont do such thing :D

i stuff all the khacra on side compartment and dispose off once(once a month :$) waisay why no one thought of inventing a dustbin for car? think think u mite have a business plan ;)

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