Monday, Again??

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It's so hard to wake up early on a Monday morning, especially if you had a busy Sunday and you slept late. That's for people in general. For me, waking up early everyday is so uninteresting. And instead of thinking about the tedious 45 minutes drive, I try to rejuvenate (or well, console) myself by the thought of the nice cloudy morning weather and soft breeze (which is so rare over here, yet I daily slide the windows down to feel it). I haven't yet grown used to this 2- hour daily drive, but thankfully the world is so full of little things that make me happy - like funny poetry on falooda carts, chirping birds, swaying trees, even the sun lit road sometimes seems so beautiful, the broken street lamps sometimes look so artistic, and even playing with the scroll bar of the mouse, or holding the earphones quite near to notice the magnetic field. There are so many things that I just can't fully define. And Alhamodillah I'm blessed to see and feel all these blessings.

And only with the thought of enjoying all these blessings, I drag myself out of bed every morning and look for tiny things that help me make happy.

Enjoy your Mondays =)

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Just seven more working days over here and my hectic internship would be over! Yahooooo :D



Anonymous says:

I have always been a morning bird, so getting up early has never been a problem. Except in those chilly winter mornings where you don't want to leave your warm bed -- according to a friend of mine, uss waqt sonay ki bajaye bistar mein sirf laitay rehnay ka zyada maza aata hai!

As for drives to work, I am lucky that I am in a city where you can start from one corner and reach its opposite corner in just under an hour. :P

But yes, it's always the little, mundane things that cheer you up!

Anonymous says:

I know exactly what you mean...
it was such a struggle for me to get up this morning and the warm days and nights in UK at the moment arent really helping.
Thankfully though I dont have far to travel to work.


~Saadat: Raat ko jaldi sotay houn gey na, unlike me :(
Aray haan, I like winters only when there's no work for me (except for reading good books) :D
In terms of Karachi, Islamabad is as big as from Defence to Bahadurabad! :D

~Ahmed: And I hope there isn't hot 24x7! Over here, one has to take shower after every hour, and still feel sweaty in just 10 minutes! :/

Anonymous says:

God! I need to remember these little things because I just CAN NOT get down of bed, be it winters or summers, Mondays or Thursdays!! :(

Anonymous says:

Oh god, just 7 days =\

I'm so jealous :<

Anonymous says:

haha actually at the moment it is like that, a few minutes after showering you get all wet and sticky!
the forecast shows it cooling down and being wet as the wekk progresses though...typical UK weather.

ah i am always late for work never on time and I cant get up :P but good thing it only takes 9 mins to reach office so I dont even have time to think :P

~Shysoul: Lol...you're a different case :P

~Asma: Umm, 5 ab to :P

~Ahmed: Good good. Heard it's going to rain here as well, but we can still see the sun :/

~Acro: Lucky you! For me it's an aziyyat! :|

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