Am I a Baara-Singhi?

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Since I waste my 2 precious hours driving daily, I've got a little too many stories related to this topic.

Sometimes these slow drivers irritate me a lot (so I start changing lanes and irritate others :P). Anyways, coming to the point. This lady with her family was driving a Mehran and wasn't giving me enough space to overtake (/undertake (is there any such term in driving?)), so I had to slow down the speed and follow her : There were three kids sitting at the back, and an uncle on the passenger seat. And then the eldest kid turned around and looked at me and kept on staring!!! I got a little confused. I looked at her as if "well, what happened?". Then she jolted both of her siblings, they turned around too and started staring like their sissy (Sissy, for me, is long for Sis). Ufff, 6 eyes, all focused on me, made me more confused! I tried to give them a fake smile, but it didn't work. Those kids were making me very uncomfy. I wanted to overtake the car as quickly as possible. And then I finally got the chance, and as I went past them, I saw, from the corner of my eye, all 5 of them staring at me!!! I was really about to say, "KYA HAY BHAEEE? Never seen the 8th wonder???"

When I narrated this story to my parents, they laughed and said, "You must ride a cycle, you really disappear in the driving seat!" Boo hoo :'(

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

Were the kids cute .. well BEAU I mean ;P

Anonymous says:

Well I usually dont get so much time looking at peoples' diggie (cuz I m busy running them over) but when I usually get starred at I smile back at them. They quickly turn away as if they have seen a monster (are my teeth that bad? uh no)

Man I miss my old old car. I used to be the big bully on the road, and I enjoyed hitting people.

~Asma: Lol, yeah, the kid was Beau, but the other two weren't belle :P

~Safiullah: I get so confused I can't even smile at them. Lol. Makes me wonder why do they act like that. Someday I'd also stare at them, but of course not while driving :D

Anonymous says:

I hate chicks driving especially when they are slow. First you have follow them erratically. Then when you come alongside you have to look and that means slowing down from 80 to I dont know 40 or 30. Its such a hassle, or hustle. Just kidding.

I joined a group on facebook, aptly named people driving slow in the fast lane! move the f** over. I hate it when they do that. Man I could 'ramble like a mad man' about these jerks for so long.... I think I should do it on my own blog.

~Safiullah: Jee nae, even guys sometimes drive so idiotically. Itna ghussa aata hay ke bhae larkey ho ke aisi bekaar driving ker rahay ho... :| I wish I could drive a tank...phir batati un sab ko ke slow driving kernay ka kia nateeja hota hay!!!

Anonymous says:

Its the budhe babes who drive like a wide eyed child. And I had the next best thing to a tank. It was an old toyota built like a tank. And me driving it.... ask the legendary stories from absar. with that car I ve actually hit people on purpose.

Anonymous says:

please read babes as 'babas' in the previous post

Anonymous says:

That anonymous is me..dar stupid mouse accidently got clicked on anonymous option and before I could change it..comment was published :(

Anonymous says:

farigh log and ''staring'' is our national habit,so dont mind:P

Anonymous says:

He he....they might be surprised to see a car without a driver :P

~Safiullah: "hit people on purpose" Wow, it must have been fun!!! I wish I had such a car or a tank :D
Lol @ the correction =)

~Lubz: Lol...Tension not. Dinky Mind doesn't mind such things :D

~Ashely: Welcome to my blog :)
Yeah, logoan ko aur koi kaam he nae...keep on staring blankly. Freakos! :D

~Fariha: Welcome Fariha :D Aray thats the main masla na... Ab how stupid it would look if I keep 2-3 cushions on the seat and then sit and drive...gaari hay, koi drawing room ka sofa to nae na!

Anonymous says:

I can hardly fit my legs in my car and you have to put cushions under! The irony of it. I have slide the seat way back and decline it. Even then the space is sooooo cramped. Plus the steering feels like I m sailing a goddamn ship. I get my daily exercise driving it.

Anonymous says:

main hoti tu gusa wali sakal bana kar dara dehti....
i love scaring kids

Anonymous says:

Dear you are a beautiful person.You need to stop caring about what others think about you. It has always been your problem that you care about what others think about you, too much. Stop it and you will feel freedom of life.

~Safiullah: Aray nahi, I don't put cushions or any such stuff :D You think im that a tiny toon???? :$

~Khawab: I don't need to 'make' such a face :D hahaha

~Foody: Excuse me Mister, I don't like any such language on my personal blog. Next time I recieve any such comments from you and I'd make sure it's your last one here! And I know who the hell you are so stop leaving comments with fake names! GOT THAT???

Anonymous says:

What kind of language? It actually depends on what context you take my message. TO be more clear let me clear it out to, since you are being so judgmental. I meant that God has created everyone beautiful, its just that people don't realize and because of these beauty products, people have started feeling insecure, just like you felt. However your case is a bit different, but the same applies to you that you need to stop caring about what other think about you. And start living, cause God has made you beautiful.

1st, am amazed to see how judgemental you can be. 2nd, how do you know who am I? 3rd, why do people take everything in one sense only, and are so narrow minded (somewhat like you)? 4th, can you block me.. try it you will need to block everyone to do that, I can promise you that..., and 5th, I am sorry you are taking me as a wrong person, and I am not of that kind, so PLEASE DON'T THINK OF ME IN THAT SENSE.

lol at Baara Singhi maybe u had clown nose on ;) or maybe they thought u shud be driving that smart car :P btw u shud get that :P will def suit u ;) *takes cover

roll pora kha liya :(? offer bhee nae kia

~Acro: Lol, yeah. That's what I was wondering ke aisa kya unusual hay mujh mei :D
And jes, pura kha lia...aur ab having pain in tummy :/ you had your eyes on my roll na? :(

Gooood I am proud of myself :D

~Acro: and now im having Laysssssssssssssssssssssss :D

Anonymous says:

I have a feeling you dont do much while you drive...and hence the stupid thoughts...

keep some activity like good music...I mean good music...

or think blog posts... (I do that) and jot them down...

you will worry less...

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