What's going on?

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Bomb blasts everywhere
Breaking news on all channels
40 dead, 50 injured...
Bomb blast in a Jirga
Bomb blast in a Janaza
People dying in road accidents
Rape of young girls
Teenagers becoming suicide bombers

Where the heck are we heading?
Where is our humanity?

We are all living a life of insecurity
Who knows if we'd be able to breathe again tomorrow

This thought scares me a lot!! I wish I could, I wish we all could do something to put a stop to all this...to make Pakistan a peaceful country.



Anonymous says:

Ah. We are hitting new lows as a society each day. I was SHOCKED to hear about the blast in the janaza. But honestly, a part of me expected this before - in Benazirs funeral.

I guess if we don't step up our criminal activities, we might keep falling behind peoples expectations of our criminal potential! ;)

It was a funny msg (you must have heard): "Mushta'il afraad ne samandar mein aag laga di"...
I never knew that someday, such mushta'il people would bomb blast a janaza. It was extremely shocked to hear that. Its saddening and disturbing :(

May Allah Guide all. Amen.

*I was extremeley shocked...

[stupid mistakes]

Anonymous says:

You know you can edit comments to correct the stupid mistakes you make, right? :P

I know, I was just not in the mood of doing that :P [check out the attitude] :P

I don't know when we lost being human...may be it was a way of dealing with tragedies that happened too fast and too often or may be we just keep creating the myth of being aloof from it all...yet the myth is shattered time and again...and their we are staring right at own corpses...I for one sure cannot find a way to deal with it all...how does a nation get here...more so how do we get out of here?

The frequency at which such incidents are taking place is quite alarming. Before I could start grieving on one incident, the other one takes place.

Anonymous says:

At imes I think if we were really that insane since always??

People are telling themselves (to stay in comfort zone) that there are infiltrators in tribal areas who are blonde and all that rubbish. I say dont underestimate the follious courage of our own people too ...!

May Alla brings peace. I dont want pakistan to become another Iraq or another Afghanistan :(

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