All About Adverbs

Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, March 28, 2008 in ,
That day I was teaching Bushi what adverbs are. The most easiest way I could find to explain him was that (nearly) all those words which end with "-ly" are adverbs. I gave examples of Beautifully, Quickly, Amazingly, Extremely, Sadly...etc.

And when I asked him to tell me the definition and the examples, he said, "An adverb is a word which gives us more information about a verb. For example, Sadly, Slowly, Shane Lee, Brett Lee.."
and I couldn't stop laughing! =)

Cheerio folks! =)



Anonymous says:

Awww cutie - so the pathan boy is how old now :)


~Asma: Well, he's 10 MashAllah se. And stop line maarofying him :P He'll always be younger than you :P

Anonymous says:

Line marrofying ka abb kiya fayda :P

And u are gonna be such a bad nand :P

haha...aik achi bhabi gai haath se :P

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