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What would the world be without chocolates and chips (or fries, or rather potatoes) ?



Anonymous says:

UFF it would be a heaven :P

means you dont like chocolates??? :O

Anonymous says:

World without chocolates would be perfect. Why? Because I just turned 18 and all of my teeth are rotten, just because of chocolates. :(

Assalamu Alaikum.

You'll get used to it! :P What else!

Btw, Umem, I want a favor from the Blogging world ... you or anyone interested to help me out here??

Its an important matter and I've some ideas and proposals to put forward.

Please respond.

Take care, Fee Amanillah.

~Kreyszig: Eat less chocolates and brush your teeth right after having them :)

~MOoN: Lolz. Where were you lost?
I wont mind helping you :) Please e-mail me

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