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I'm one of those who just can't sleep in any type of noise. I want the door and windows to be closed, but the fan to be switched on! I believe that fan's sound absorbs all kind of noises. In summers, even when the AC is turned on, I want the fan to be switched on too (at a low speed). If I don't switch on the fan, I feel that that quietness would soon be filled by noise (of TV, of people speaking or walking, of the tick-tick of clock). In chilly winters also I prefer to sleep with the fan on. I don't care if I wake up alive the next morning or not, I just want the fan's sound to sleep with.
It used to pinch me a lot when we would be deprived of dear electricity, the thought that I wouldn't be able to sleep without fan's sound would boil my blood up, but thankfully, we've got UPS now! I can sleep with my fan's sound for as long as I want. Yay!!!!
Are you as crazy as I am? :P



Anonymous says:

Uh, wouldn't it just make more sense to record the sound of a running fan? I mean, it's still crazy, but freezing to death is crazier :P

Anonymous says:

BTW, this is how crazy I am:

Anonymous says:

You see you are the craziest of the bunch. We are lesser beings :P

I like my fan at full speed ... with ac too it should be on. The room feels too lifeless without in in summers ... :)

Anonymous says:

in some sleepless nights; the noise of fan, tick-tick of clock or even my own heartbeat is quite enough to bother me... :)

~Absar: Never thought of recording. Oh, I think I forgot to mention that I also like the breeze the fan produces :)

~Asma: I enjoy summers like summers. I mean keeping the AC and fan on a normal speed (not too high) makes me feel good. It rejuvenates me :)

~Farstar: Oh, you seem to be an extreme case :P But I also HATE the tick-tick of clocks! They are extremely annoying

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