Hard to resist

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, March 08, 2008 in ,

I opened this KFC's site for doing an assignment and I can actually smell all those chicky burgers...mmmmm... me hungry. Me wants a zeeenger :(



Anonymous says:

That's why I never open websites of fast-food chains :P Even looking at these things increases my weight :s

Then don't look at them, just eat!!! :P

Anonymous says:

LOL. Are you kidding me? For the first time in months I can now finally see my jawline. And look down and see the buckle of me belt without streching my neck :P Lol! And anyway, given my current situation, I'd much rather eat home-made fattening food ;)

"And look down and see the buckle of me belt without streching my neck" ...Im so sorry to hear you don't have a mirror at home to see yourself in :P

My advice for you: Eat as much as you want, just don't swallow it!


Anonymous says:

Congratulations! You're getting meaner! :P

And that was SO gross, btw :P

That certifies I am improving :P


Anonymous says:

if not swaloow umemzyyy, then what throw on others :s

Shukar hay Allah ka I dont have these urges for fast food stuff - Allah ka waisay hiii bara karam hay :P

~ASma: That's your choice :P I just take a bite or two of those big and heavy burgers and sandwiches.

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