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That day while channel surfing, I unluckily came across this channel called Filmazia. It was showing our funjabi hippo (aka Say-ma Jee). She was trying to dance on some stupid song. She had to reach Shaan. And that guy was unfortunately standing very far away from her (or is it a good sign?) :P Anyways, there were 3-4 chaarpai between Say-ma Jee and Shaan. With the sounds of "thishkiaoun thishkiaoun" of firing in the background, that heavy-duty aunty quickly jumped on the first chaarpai. With two more thishkiaoun, she successfully jumped on the second chaarpai, then on the third and finally in Shaan's lap!!! Lol!!!!

I changed the channel before I could see the poor man getting crushed by the bulldozer =)

[I so much wanted to add a pic of our Lollywood Queen but I couldn't find a better one] :p

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

Lol! We definitely have a lot of hatti-katti actresses!

Anonymous says:

Hey umemooooooooooooo that was hilarious .. I'm still trying to ROFL on the idea :P

~Absar: Yeah, full time juggernauts! :P

~Asma: lolz...Just imagine how much I laughed when I saw those scenes :P

hahahahahaha.... ok now i know why u like filmazia :p !!

~Ubaid: Yeah :D I'm always in search of such scenes on filmazia :D

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