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Yes, he's no doubt an ULLU (with all capital letters) or even much more than that. Guess what happened today. I went to my french class. We were to recieve our pre-test marks today. Okay. Happily we all entered the class. The teacher came with the papers. Had my paper on top of the pile. She came, waving the papers in air. And we tried to jump and catch a glimpse of our marks. Now, this was just a happy starting!

Now, listen! We all were kinda scrutinizing our papers, and exlaiming "Oh, no. How could I make such a mistake" on many of our stupidities. Anyways, the teacher told us that we should take care of such little grammatical mistakes. And should not make them in our final exam. Cuz in final exams she would be cutting marks on them. Okay, fine. No objection! What happened next was she asked two of our classmates, Monsieur Maqsood (am gonna tell about him later) and Monsieur Babar - the one and only ULLU of our course - to write their letters on the board, so all can see. Because, in her view, both of them wrote the best letters. (She forgot me. Errr). Monsieur Babar has a habit of speaking too much. That's the first reason I hate him. Secondly, he doesn't respect others. This is the second reason. And today he pushed my animosity for him to the topmost level. Errr... Both of the students came to the board and started writing their letters (we've got 2 boards). Then, the teacher started pointing to Mr. Maqsood's letter that see this letter. It's awesome. and blah blah blah. Although, there was nothing that special in it. Actually, we had to write a letter to our grandma, telling her about our journey in France. He wrote all what we studied in the Description of some cities of the world. He wrote a small letter, containing what Paris is and what it has (mainly geographical facts). That's it. Mr. Babar, what he did, he wrote a letter without any concluding paragraph, stating the lamest excuse that his paper had been snatched away. (You idiot, who asked you to do your work at the speed of KG kids?) Anyways, he wrote about the population of France and that FRANCE has a big port, and a very pretty beach. And that he'd visit the country next year too. But hello... France has more than one port, and more than one beach. You should have been more specific. You should have mentioned some city which has a port and which has a wonderful beach. You're an Idiot! Ufff, now the question here arises: Why did not the teacher cut his marks. Well, the teacher gave him 4/10 in this letter writing thing, and gave me 5/10 (still highest), but since ULLU is her boyfriend, she supported him and asked him, "How many marks have I given you?" He innocently said, "Just 4/10". She responded, "Oh, just 4. You should have got 8 or 9." And that man started smiling, hoping to get marks. And he succeeded in getting those 4 marks. Shit! How on earth could this happen? I mean, did anybody look at my letter??? I clearly stated where we landed in France. What did we do yesterday. I told her that we've bought a blanket for my grandma (am I not nice? ;)). And I told about the weather and the day when i will be returning, and when the other family members will be returning. I made the perfect letter, with good paragraphs. And sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. she didn't even consider it....errrrrrr... I feel like killing her and her greatest Chamcha...that ullu Babar! Ullu had a lot of grammatical mistakes and there were so many sentences which not making sense at all. Still he got 37 out of 40. This thing just boils up my blood! After the class, I was so enraged, that me and Maheen just kept talking about our letters. And then Kiran also joined me. And there we were giving all sort of good 'alqaabaat' to both the teacher and her biggest chamcha.

Look, I don't mind if someone gets more marks than me. But the thing I mind is when that person is Duffer Babar! I had prepared a lot for this test. And I got such low marks. His pronounciation and his spelling and his sentence construction all stink!!!!! Trust me! I saw his paper. And even a blind person can rate my paper to be better than his. Ufff... I hate that man. The only thing he's good at is astrology. He can speak on it for hours and hours. One farigh banda!

Anyways, don't want to discuss him and his recent stupidity now. So, today we went to a place near Area 51. Ummmm, I guess it is known by the name of Devil's point or something else. Well, there's a wonderful seaside. Spent some time there. Khoob hawa khai. And yes, I DROVE today. Yehhhh... I mean, its too hard to drive with my brother. And today was my second driving lesson with him. He keeps on scolding. The first time I ever drove a car was with Some Desi. And the whole day, my legs were trembling like anything. My heartbeat was getting out of control. Hahaha. Cuz I drove in the narrow streets of our colony. And drove without causing any accident. Yuppy! First lesson with my brother was in a ground near Alliance Francaise, at 8:15 pm. It was hell dark there. And it was difficult. Plus, my brother chastising me to drive properly simply augmented my fear. But, today what happened, Papa just dragged me to the driving seat and said,"You have to drive. And am not gonna consider any dark, or any cold. Now, go!" . So, I had to drive! But, it was a good experience. Today, I felt I can drive. Cuz I always used to think that I wouldn't be able to drive my whole life. But, Alhamdolillah, my brother was too kind to me today. Hehehe. I know how to paddle a cycle. Am learning how to drive a car. The missing thing is I want to know how to run a motorbike. Cuz in car, I can't see the bonnet (disadvantages of having a short height) . So, I first want to clean my hands on motorbike (to have some road sense). hahahaha...isn't it the lamest excuse. Bike ride sounds fantastic.

Anyways, we came home. Then, I watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie. I've always loved the Lizzie McGuire program on Disney channel. Now, we don't have that channel on our list. Anyways, I enjoyed watching the movie. Although, it had a lot of flaws. But, it relieved some of my tension.

FINAL NOTE: I have my final French paper on coming Wednesday. And this time, I'm not gonna tolerate any injustice from my teacher's side. So, I have decided to memorise my pocket dictionary, and give a splendid test! And if (God forbid) that ullu gets more marks than me, then am surely gonna ............ punch his nose so hard that it disappears somewhere inside his face! Errrrrrrrrrr....

Cheerio =(



awwwwwwwww, check again maybe he deserved it. maye be u really made mistakes. maybe u cant stand him taking more marks from him. maybe I am just teasing u :P.
Saadie | Homepage | 07.26.05 - 3:47 am | #
bike ride ummmm get a heavy bike . and have fun driving.
Saadie | Homepage | 07.26.05 - 3:50 am | #
You know what Saadie, you are just TEASING ME. I dreserved more markssssssss... You Teaser!

How would a light creature look like sitting on a heavy bike? *wondering*
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.26.05 - 3:58 am | #
Teacher has a student BF *eye brow upper karing*
JonyBr | Homepage | 07.26.05 - 4:09 am | #
~JonyBr: Everything's possible. The teacher is married, and has a 5-6 years old daughter + this chamcha. :S
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.26.05 - 4:51 am | #
aarrryyyy u should have pointed those mistakes in front of da teacher or atleast questioned him.....
i would never let tat kind of behaviour go tat easily.....
zzz | Homepage | 07.26.05 - 7:06 am | #

that explains y i never prepared well for my papers all 4 yrs of my undergrad

i knew ppl would be unjust, so y even study

+ did u ever by ne chance realised the fact that its ur driving which might b faulty

sisters can be so proud of their amateur driving skills :D that its dangerous sometimes

+ for a moment after reading ullu i thought this htread was about me

thanx God it isnt

T M | Homepage | 07.26.05 - 11:09 am | #
this reminds me of grade 8 when i used to be mab abt being the 2nd best in class and thought kashif was the teacher's pet thus he always got more marks.:D
is the same teacher going to mark the finals too..if not, then justice will prevail and everybody will finally find out that umema is better than the ullu. :D
best of luck for the driving lessons but u still need loads of practice.
have fun.
Sid | Homepage | 07.26.05 - 1:29 pm | #

Yaar! This all garbage happend with me in this semester my Mktg's teacher is all like ur french one's she has so many male chamchas in our class too and i never forgot how bad traites she played with us even with such great and extra ordinary papersssssssssssss.........and in finals she gave me and others except all her chamchas very bad gardes that was one major cause that our GPAs fell a lil this time

KhaiR!.Allah aisay buray teachers say sab ko bachata rakhay.....Aameeeeeeeeen
Gul | 07.26.05 - 10:39 pm | #
oh a female science teach during school used to have a male chamchaa. I gave her a "you are the best teacher" card and she made me her chamcha too. So much so that she always sent me her best wishes via her teach friends when she left school and got married.

Try it. May be it will work!
And top the class again, alright. Don't give that ullo a chance!!
VL | Homepage | 07.27.05 - 12:15 am | #
i was one of those chamchas as well
T M | Homepage | 07.27.05 - 12:42 am | #
~zzz: I tried to...but was she listening. She was all busy with him. And then the class ended.

~TM: It is faulty! I need a lottttt of practice. Hahaha...you're an ullu? Well, now you are saying it yourself

~Sid: Thanks for the wishes, Sid. I really really need your prayers.

~Gullay: I hate such chamchay and plates.

~VL: Lol, I wish I could become my teacher's chamchi. But, I don't want this. I wanted to become her chamchi by doing my work on time, and by showing off my french. hehe...But, that ullu came in between, and spoiled everything. Ufff...
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.27.05 - 1:15 am | #
mitti pao yaar....

work hard for the final... our prayers are with you.

love you.
BiYA | 07.27.05 - 1:32 am | #
~BiYA: Aray behen, Khuda ka khauf karo...kahin main mitti na daal doun uss aadmi per. *touches ears* hehehhee

Thanks for the prayers
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.27.05 - 1:36 am | #
hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy............. U made my ambigram. Yaar do send it to me asp. I would love to post it on my side with ur refernce obviously
Gul | 07.27.05 - 2:09 am | #
You know Gul, I have made all ambigrams on a rough paper. They are so ghitch mitch and they are all made with a pencil, that if I scan that paper and ask you guys to figure out your ambigrams, it may dawn upon you.

So, tomorrow, InshAllah after the paper (means after 8:15 pm), I'd write all those ambigrams on a neat paper, then I'll scan it and post it. *phew*

Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.27.05 - 2:22 am | #
that guy seems to be very irritating ULLU.

best of luck!! and do speak for your right next time.
Raheel | Homepage | 07.27.05 - 3:19 am | #
ok. I became a chamchi, and NOT a chamcha. gosh, my grammar sucks :p
VL | Homepage | 07.27.05 - 3:52 am | #
maybe a nice time to wish u

best of luck

4 the test thats

about to start in a few hours

may u beat the ullu chamcha
T M | Homepage | 07.27.05 - 5:09 pm | #
how was it?

tell us

we are dying to hear the words

"i beat the @#$$ of the ullu"
T M | Homepage | 07.28.05 - 12:57 am | #
~Raheel: Yes, am gonna have the same teacher and the same Ullu in my next course. Errr...Hate that

~VL: Lol at chamchi and chamcha.

~TM: Thanks for your wishes and prayers. They have worked a lil
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.28.05 - 1:07 am | #
VL: U and Chamcha haw
Saadie | Homepage | 07.28.05 - 3:05 am | #
howwas the result?

tell tell
T M | Homepage | 07.29.05 - 2:17 am | #
TM: No result yet *bursts out crying* Dunno what it would be? am scared
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.30.05 - 12:35 am | #
did anyone notice this smiley? The haloscan sad smiley has been changed, from red to pink. And now it really seems like a Sad face.

Lemme check

Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.30.05 - 1:34 am | #

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