Pain-filled tired girl!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, July 29, 2005 in

Doesn't the title sound like caramel-filled chocolate candy? Hahahaha. Now the candy must be very good, but my situation is not at all good. Am all wrapped in pains and aches.
Am dead tired today.
Let me tell you what I did not do today.
It includes:
1- Did not make other ambigrams on a neat paper.
2- Nothing,
3- Nothing.

Now, if I start listing what I did today, I believe it will take me 2 days to write it all, and would take you 1 day to read and comprehend it. *urgh*
So, now am dead tired. And I still have to pray and study. OMG. *starts crying*

I need your prayers, cuz my result's not here yet. And am getting infuriated at just nothing.
I'm happy at one thing. I did not get angry at anybody. Although I should have. Hehehe. Uh, wateva!

Today I got to know what a perfect OLPM is. (If you don't know, don't ask. And those who know, please keep the secret to themselves)
Cheerio everybuddy :(





T M | Homepage | 07.30.05 - 2:38 am | #
there is nothing sweet TM. Pata nahi dunya logoan ki batoun per kyun hansti hay *what a phiosophical sentence* hahahaha
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.30.05 - 2:51 am | #
Gravatar Yep! I hear you... I also had THE busiest day of my vacations today, and nothing about the things I did today was 'vacationy', plus I've got this baaad flu *sniff*!

Kher, praying for your results! Results for what, btw?
Allah Hafiz
Absar | Homepage | 07.30.05 - 3:35 am | #
*sends a baalti to Absar* It will help! Am waiting for my French results. Keep praying!
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.30.05 - 4:10 am | #
Salam Umema,
Nice to c ur sweet reply 4 welcome in ur group.You have a very gud writing skill.i usually read ur blog in my office wen i get bore/tired of work.Anyways...take my Name in ur ambigram list OK
And a lot of prayers for your result/health.May Allah bless u in each n every field of life.
Romana | 07.30.05 - 11:57 am | #
Best of luck!
Shirazi | Homepage | 07.30.05 - 1:30 pm | #
Oh...... wat happened to this shweeet gal here ????????????

u looking thek thaak in msn :P


@Romana start ur blog too we'll b delighted to read something from u too u can blog whenever u get tired in office

take carez umem and sont make such beautiful faces :P

Asma | Homepage | 07.31.05 - 2:59 am | #
~Romana: Start blogging. It's fun. And we'd all love to visit your blog.

~Shirazi: Thanks a million

~Asma: Bas, exam ki tension makes me feel sad. Waisay, am all fine
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.31.05 - 3:18 am | #
Best of luck .... may u succeede in flying colours ... yah na ho u'll be seeing flying birds arnd u

Best wishes and prayers!!!
Asma | Homepage | 07.31.05 - 3:19 am | #
or batao larki? resilt ka kia hua?
Unaiza Nasim | Homepage | 07.31.05 - 4:14 pm | #
~Asma: Lol. Relieves me a lot You start praying for me now

~Unaiza: Abhi tak nahi aaya
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 08.01.05 - 4:00 am | #

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