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Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, July 31, 2005 in ,

I thank all my blogger buddies who care for me, and who have sent these chocolates for me. Although they seem less, but I shouldn't be greedy. And am getting some more, right? < ;o)

And yes, I don't see Snickers here. Who's sending Snickers? Whoever is, please be quick. I am dying to eat themmmmm.

*unwraps chocs and eats them*

Something important: I'm not gonna offer you my chocs. I'm very possessive about 'em. So, don't look at me like that.

Cheerio folks!




this is a joke

u foul playing with our senses

u dramaiiiiiiiiiiibazz :d
T M | Homepage | 08.01.05 - 4:50 am | #
my career advice

never go into graphics designing
T M | Homepage | 08.01.05 - 5:13 am | #
Umema !!!!!!!!!!!

I've a box of soem wondeful chocs from switzerland in ma freezer ... want some

They are wonderful linings of chocs ... i eat soem evry day but still not finishing!!!

This plate full of chocs looks good!!!

Take carez
Asma | Homepage | 08.01.05 - 9:27 am | #

forget Umema

give them to me

wasai bhi karachi jatai jatai pighal jaingi

T M | Homepage | 08.01.05 - 10:40 am | #
I have been scanning the choc incomings to your place. Too bad I started late, thus I could get my hands only on Snickers. And sorry, I am not returning it, it belongs to my yournger siblings. I am not a big chocolate fan, you see.
Saadat | 08.01.05 - 1:25 pm | #
Aap kon ? *scratches his head*
JonyBr | Homepage | 08.01.05 - 2:19 pm | #
there's no Ferrero Rocher there, if there's I should be jealous at you coz I only eat FR lol.

And how did they send all those chocolates?!? By mail? :O
Nahum | Homepage | 08.01.05 - 3:18 pm | #
Banned chocs from past 2 months on my table. As bcoz soon my face will not remain mine , its pumping up with some filthy pimples that took me miles away from stuff which i used mostly after water.
Gul | 08.01.05 - 7:03 pm | #
Ahem ahem.... why didn't u put up mine there? where's ma BBC? Big Box of Chocs? :p

Hmm I think you're keepin' that secret takay Gul, VL and TM aaker share na kerain :p...
Harris | Homepage | 08.01.05 - 9:59 pm | #
i came on this blog i guess may be after a month and like the new lay out.. looks cool.. anyway not into chocolates rather alergic to them.. dont like bitter taste
jahanzaib | Homepage | 08.01.05 - 10:33 pm | #
~TM: Ohooo...somebody's jealoussssssssssss. hahahaha. Cool down, and send me my share. YOU OWE ME CHOCS!!! AND YOU REMEMBER THIS THING.

~Asma: Larki, naik kaam main dair kaisi? Send me all those chocs. *calls TCS people and asks them to go to her place, take out chocs from the freezer, pack them, get her pay the bill, and send them in not more than 5 HOURS. AM EXTREMELY HINGRY!

~TM: Don't worry. She'll be sending the freezer with the chocs too

~Saadat: *says innocently* I am also a lil sis of yours. AM I not? *blinks eyes* Now please, give me back my Snickers... (You will, I know) Hahaha

~JOnyBr: Main wohi jisay aap achi tarah jaantay hain... Now where's my share?

~Nahum: I ate them as soon as they arrived. I didn't want anybody to even look at those yummiest chocs. Now, you should be jealous. Hehehehe

~Gul: I hope you have saved the money you usually spend on buying chocs. So, be generous today and buy, and send me those.

~Harris: Which BBC you sent me? *raises eyebrow* Tell me it's name, and I'll try to search it in my dustbin. I mean I'll try to search its wrapper.

~Jahanzaib: Thanks for visiting. This layout is not designed by me, but by a very good friend of mine. And yes, if you are allergic to chocs, why dont you send them to me. Help your muslim sisters and brothers by giving them what they like. *Uff, am so greedy about chocs* hahaha

Cheerio =)
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 08.02.05 - 1:10 am | #
lolz.. i would love to send.. but you now you cant send these kind of things via mail cuz of anthrax threat and other chemical powder thingy :P
jahanzaib | Homepage | 08.02.05 - 1:50 am | #
Should i be posting them to you without some stamp or postage paid
Asma | Homepage | 08.02.05 - 2:52 am | #
~Jahanzaib: No, my mails can detect viruses. So don't worry. Send them soon

~Asma: Lol... Comme tu veux (as you like it)
Dinky Mind | 08.02.05 - 3:17 am | #
چھوٹی مسلم بہں مسلہ يہ نہيں کہ آپ کے پاس ايسا انتظام ہے کہ آپ کو نقصان دہ اشياء سے خطرہ نہيں ہے۔
مسلہ يھ ہے کہ يہاں ہی اُسکو کھول کر پڑتال کی جائے گی کہ آيا بھيجا کيا جا رہا ہے؟ اور ظاہر بات ہے اندر چاکليٹ ہو تو سب کوئی ميری طرح تو ہوتے نہيں نا کہ نا کھائيں۔ تو آپ تک پہنچ سکتی ہی نہيں ہے :p
جہان& # | Homepage | 08.02.05 - 7:53 am | #

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