Our lips and ears!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, July 26, 2005 in
In which we learn how to conduct our conversation.

If you your lips would keep from slips,
Five things observe with care:
Of whom you speak, to whom you speak,
And how and when and where.

If you your ears, would save from jeers,
These things keep meekly hid:
Myself and I, and mine and my,
And how I do and did.

[Extracted from The Book of Virtues by William J. Bennett.]

Cheerio =)



Mind introducing that book and the author??

And here's something for you:

http://www.arkworld.com/ascii/ot...ther/ sesame.htm
VL | Homepage | 07.27.05 - 3:50 am | #
Wow. There's something I really really need to work on... I'm very stupid with these things! I can't think and say spontaneously! :s

And VL, that's a pretty cool website, reminds me of the good ol' DOS days... Ah the early 90's! *sigh*
Absar | Homepage | 07.27.05 - 5:23 am | #
Awww, thanks for the link, VLady Am gonna mail you about the book.

~Absar: I lovveee Sesame Street. And there were a lot more good programs and cartoons in those times. Ah, I miss them all .
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.28.05 - 4:01 am | #
phir mera nahin hay(
unaiza nasim | Homepage | 07.28.05 - 11:22 am | #
Unaiza, agli qist tak inteezar farmiyay
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.30.05 - 1:30 am | #

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