Time changes things!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, July 18, 2005 in
I was once green - beautiful

and now...

it's all history - dead!



u delete the one with my comments


i wrote earlier that isnt it the same with everything and not trees

lifes sinusoidal

after every dusk comes a dawn

after every pain comes a smile

and after every mistake , comes an experience

cherish life

u will sure miss it


I hope u have the best of it all
T M | Homepage | 07.19.05 - 3:55 am | #
Sorry TM, I didn't know you commented on that one.
You're right. After every pain comes a smile...but you know it takes time. The length of time we don't know.

[I'm sounding so much like a perfect pessimist. Lol. I hate being like that]

I love life! There's just one you can have.
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.19.05 - 4:06 am | #
God! Your counter is showing that there is 1 visitor from 1 country ... ah, CHINA!!! Either it's trying to tell that the person online is C'Hina' or there really is a person online from China and that I'm invisible. *rolls eyes*

Khair, I love trees. Hugged them as a kid and hug them even today whenever I get a chance (it takes time making sure nobody's around, hehe).

Nicely captured. Trees look majestic .. even when they are dead. The one pictured here is young and weak, but still majestic!
VL | Homepage | 07.19.05 - 12:24 pm | #
Gravatar Oye... photo blogging :p
JonyBr | Homepage | 07.19.05 - 12:39 pm | #
agree wid everyone above... life goes on wid its ups and downs...and that is what makes it interesting.
sid | Homepage | 07.19.05 - 2:11 pm | #
Its Jut like the
Life-Death-Life cycle
Like The Humans Die and get the Life after death....
Or The Night After the Day....
I refer You the meanings of a verse from The Quran as I dont know the exact verse...
Its Just like This
" Tum Ghor-o-Fiker Kiyun Naheee Kertay. Hum Nay Tumharay Liay Nishanian Rakhee Hain. Raat K Din Main Badalnay main....."
any ways
Thanks for coming to my blog and posting Comments there...
as In Past Some days I have Got Traffic to My Blog....
Fayyaz Malik | Homepage | 07.19.05 - 3:36 pm | #
Gravatar 'Dirty Minds' have such clean concerns. Nice.
Shirazi | Homepage | 07.19.05 - 5:52 pm | #
Gravatar WOW..
i get to see that here alot.. except that its the case of winter then spring..
shaima | Homepage | 07.19.05 - 9:18 pm | #
Gravatar p.s- i agree with everyone.. there might be times when its just the calm before the storm but concentrate more on the fact that it's the darkest before the dawn.. its atleast a thought to keep u happy =)
shaima | Homepage | 07.19.05 - 9:29 pm | #
~VLady: Lol...and whenever I check the counter, it says someone's online from Hong Kong. Lol..Strange! Don't know to what extent it is true. I also like trees and flowers. They have true colours. Lol. Now I don't know how to explain that

~JonyBr: Hahaha...trying to

~Sid: So true. But am not going through any such phase.

~Fayyaz Malik: Oh, yes. You're right about it.

~Shirazi: Dirty minds? One meaning of dinky is 'clean'. Interesting!

~Shaima: Both pics have the same tress. I don't know what happened to one, it just died a few days ago.

Cheerio =)
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.19.05 - 11:47 pm | #

Public Service Notice

its not diRTYy mind


diNKy mind

mind that

T M | Homepage | 07.20.05 - 1:59 am | #
Thanks T M for reminding all
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.20.05 - 2:18 am | #
Asma | Homepage | 07.20.05 - 2:28 am | #
This is what life is all about. It is a cycle of formation and deformation. Whether its the human body, dreams, goal or anything. Its a journey filled with knowledge and wisdom.
Raheel | Homepage | 07.21.05 - 2:10 am | #

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