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Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, July 12, 2005 in
Thanks Asma, TM, and Sid for tagging me. (I'm a lazy lad, I know. Hahaha)

How I came nearer to reading:

When I was very young, around 2-3 years old, my grand father brought a book set for me. It had 4 or 5 books. And they were pretty interesting. Like, one was about animals, the other about kitchen objects, and one was about gardening tools, etc. So, it was so interesting that I almost memorised those books. (each book had 8-10 pages. So, it was pretty easy to memorise). <:o) Then, I started reading Jane and (Paul?) . I don't remember Jane's brother's name. Was it Paul or Peter? Anyways, then I was dragged to school, where I read poems like Little Miss Muffet and Over In The Meadow, and stories like Muthu, the Day Dreamer. Besides that, I'd read Jack and the bean stalk and other such stories. Then I was introduced to Enid Blyton - I'd always read her name as Gnid Blyton. Moreover, I never knew if she was a man or a woman. Hahaha. So, I'd read the series Famous Five by her. Then, I started reading Carolyn Keene's Nancy Drew series. Then, I read R.L.Stine's books - Fear Street series. Then, I decided to read some factual books. *And there was a long break* Hahahaa. Well, now I have started reading Dan Brown's books. In Urdu stuff, I'd prefer reading my textbooks. Lol. But I remember reading a bunny's story book, which was awesome. I had memorised the book. It was so good. I'd also read Naunehaal. I still remember the time when my sister introduced me to the 'Hansi Ghar' section - the jokes' page. Never read Taleem-o-Tarbiat (cuz it never had new jokes in it). I have also read Inspector Jamshed series. Those books were very interesting.

Total number of books owned:
Well, haven't counted yet. There are a lot of 'em (including course books).

Last book I bought:
Deception Point by Dan Brown. (Yes, I have finally bought it. Yesterday I went to buy it).

Last book I read:
Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. (Awesome-ish book).

Five books which mean a lot to me:
~1: The Holy Quran.
~2: The World in 2020 by Hamish McRae.
~3: Parvaz by Shafiq-ur-Rehman.
~4: Digital Fortress by Dan Brown.
~5: The Book of Virtues by William J. Bennet.

My companion in reading:
Silence. Some nuts or chips. A comfortable pillow. And my attention.

I won't tag anyone. They are already tagged. And if you aren't, let me know :)

Cheerio =)



ur a virgo too ! =)
and a bookworm like me as well =)
shaima | Homepage | 07.13.05 - 2:48 am | #

Yeah those inspector Jamshed series were real good!!!

And fear street i spent my 7th and 8th in the very same street ^_^

take carez
Asma | Homepage | 07.13.05 - 4:01 am | #
Gravatar "aur phir mujrim kai hath sai revolver gir para aur inspector jamshed ki jeb main aik sorakh namodar hua"


personally i loved a hameeds anbar , naag marya series more but inspector jamshed series and shoki brothers and what not were fun too

T M | Homepage | 07.13.05 - 10:51 am | #
Gravatar virgo tu mein bhi hoon... heheh
wesay meray blog pey ana jana tum ney chor dia
Unaiza | Homepage | 07.13.05 - 6:10 pm | #
i look fwd to enjoying Digital Fortress!
Kamran | Homepage | 07.13.05 - 11:28 pm | #
comment by DM
~Shaima: La la la la. We've got so much in common.

~Asma: And I don't find those books now. I'd love to read them.

~T M: Oh, thanks for reminding me those Shoki brothers series. Hahaha. Those were fantastic times.

~Unaiza: aaj jaana hay aap ki blog per. And why didn't you tell me Atika is your friend? I asked her to come with you on Monday. And she herself disappeared somewhere. Hahaha. So, when are you coming with her to our study place?

~Kamran: How much have you read by now? Shall I tell you what happens in the end?
Phil Chartrukian had left Strathmore no choice!
Hahahha...Go, read it yourself. I won't spoil the suspence.

Cheerio everybuddy! =)
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.14.05 - 12:44 am | #
it was peter not paul...[:P]
found loads of inspector jamshed books in the store room once which my aunt used to read. they'd been interesting too. :D
thanx for reminding me of those.
sid | Homepage | 07.14.05 - 1:43 pm | #
comment by DM
oh, ya Peter. Hehehe.. Thanks for reminding me
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.17.05 - 11:28 pm | #

how about me telling u what happens in the end of deception point :p
T M | Homepage | 07.20.05 - 4:58 am | #

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