And Then They Say, "Welcome To IBA!"

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They say your day is ruined if you see a bad person early in the morning. I saw Mr. Jammey today! :/ He's the person who'd be teaching us two courses this semester, and we'd be having consecutive classes on Wednesday and Saturday. So, if I act all cranky, hyper irritated or just out of my senses, do NOT blame me!

Now the story begins. When he entered the class today, the air-conditioning system refused to work, the mic went out of order and the OHP crashed! To make things worse and stinky, he made us all to move our chairs a lil forward so his voice could be reached to the back benchers. The class became hell suffocated, and at one point, I was literally about to faint. *sigh* That's how we spent our Marketing's class.

After a 15-minute of heavenly break in the sunny lawn, we returned to the class to attend our Ethics class (by such an unethical instructor!). He asked us all a question:

"Have you ever done anything wrong in life? And what is it?"

Most of the replies were related to rash driving and bribery, and slapping kids and snatching their candies, but then we had this guy who said, "I ran away on my engagement day!" Hahaha. The whole class cracked up! :D That lil session refreshed us a lil bit. And when we asked Mr. Jammey what has he done wrong in his life, he politely answered, "I don't want to spoil your rozay!"

After the classes, I went to submit the vehicle parking documents, which made me climb three darn staircases. And then they made me wait for so long, I left the papers there and crawled down! I felt badly thirsty!

Left for home after that. And guess what, my car broke down when I entered our colony. I mean, everything was going against the rule in such a chronological and neat manner. Anyway, called my bro up, who was luckily at home and asked him to come and check the car.

And now this silly time ain't passing by! I wish I could just get on top of some huge stupid clock and manually fix its needles to 7:53 pm!!! Grrrr!!! Roza lag-ing =(

Cheerio folksaz! =(



So much for a first day eh?

Sleep. Time guzar jaye ga.

It was the third day today =(

Life's not easy =(
And I'm waiting for the clock to strike 3. Then I'd go sleep =) That's my standard nap time :D

Haseeb says:

Nice, It happens Sum times, not to blame Mr Jami , Ur Unethical ethics instructor may prove to be quite fun later on, , Waise Why people think that they have done all the sins and wrong doings of the world ...pointing at ( Main ap ke rozay kharab nahi karna chahta) lol...
Lastly , Don't Sleep ...:--# lol...

Lol... Well sorry for laughing well it was your third day my first day was even worse you are lucky that you were not ragged.... Or else it could have been worse and oh yeah on my first day it rained hard as well....

i have a couple of friends from there and sure they speak volumes about the place but in a mix sense :D

GOOd LUCK for the IBA ;)

~Haseeb: Lol. I hope the time comes soon when I start enjoying his lectures. Seems hard now waisay :D

~Ubaid: If I didn't mention ragging, it doesn't mean I didn't get ragged :P And my first day was very pleasant too (just exclude the stuffy-class wala part) :D

~AD: Yeah, I seem to be a lil dissatisfied, but I'm sure I won't complain afterwards. I'd get used to it :P

~Ash: Thankoo sweets =)

Oye hoye!

IBA, eh? It sure did sound a lot of fun before, but not after reading this post!

Awesome teachers you have there, seriously! :P

Hahaha... That fever is over now :P
But really, we have a few awesome teachers over there! I hope I manage to score well now =$

Haseeb says:

Hmmmm,.... Well A simple guide to Score Well ,....Start scoring high ....and Ends scoring Higher. ;;;)

~Haseeb: Yeah, I have started studying. Let's see :|

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