Eid Day Marathon

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In my previous post I told you guys that this Eid is going to be a very different one. And I was right! Never expected such a huge influx of guests and a refrigerator overflowing with cakes only! My yesterday was spent doing the following 'few' tasks.

1. Greet guests.
2. Go to the kitchen.
3. Make refreshments.
4. Serve the guests.
5. Greet another set of guests.
6. Pick up the dirty plates.
7. Repeat step # 2.
8. Refill the servings.
9. Repeat step #4.
10. Repeat step #2.
11. Tie the apron.
12. Roll up sleeves.
13. Wash the dishes. [See, the unlucky 13 had to be this one!]
14. Once done, get rid of the apron.
15. Roll down the sleeves.
16. Repeat step #5.
17. Repeat step #2.
18. Get out of the kitchen to say tata to the Step #1 guests.
19. Wash my face.
20. And do a lil inhale-n-exhale session to refresh myself up.

And guess what, I had to repeat the above 20 steps from 9 am to 9 pm =) At the end of the day, all of my bones started squeaking badly. My right arm and my lil feet were almost dead and were begging me to take some rest. Ahhhh! Did I just say rest??? To give a lil comfort to my aching arm, I had to tie a crepe bandage around it. But due to an exponential increase in my arm ache, I had to swallow a bitter painkiller too. :/ Those who know me know well how much I dislike to take medicines! :/

That was my Eid's 1st day and I luhbed it! =D Though it went a lil too busy but I got the chance to meet (or well, just say Salam and Allah Hafiz to) many of my loved ones =)


PS: I missed out the collecting-Eidi step from the algorithm above :P And it has a reason. Momma was collecting it on my behalf. Now I must go and do the hisaab-kitaab :P

PPS: I didn't wear my proposed Eid dress. Wore a shocking pink and white one instead =) Hahaha. Now don't picture me as a pathan, my dress was a very decent type, and everybody (including me) loved it! =D



Eid Mubarak :D ... and join the club :P.. I had a similar day!

Eid Mubarak :)

Pretty picture!!

And Ed Mubarak! :)

~Uni: Awwww. Demerits of being a girl =(
And Eid Mubarak to you too =D

~Dhanya: Thankoo sweets =)

~Siras: Thankoo and Eid Mubarak to you too =D

Oooh so many guests wear you out but then its so much fun too .. real eid fun :)

haha and I remeber doing eidi hisaab kitab too :D

like ur shoes and earrings .. me want some loops too :D

and lolz @ pathan dress :)

Haseeb (حسيب) says:

Hmmm,Khusa is Awesome,Matching is perfect, Where could i get that ? lolllll......and What abt Eidi? ......

Eid Mubarak! :D

"Now don't picture me as a pathan, my dress was a very decent type"

Err...I am a pathan and I DO wear DECENT clothes. :-x

~Asma: Jes jes, me loves when people flock in our place =D
Thannks for liking the shoes and earrings. Me lubs them too. Did you check out the ring? Jajo se maari hui hay :P

~Haseeb: Lol. Why do you want ladies' sandals? :P Eidi... well, I haven't counted it. I know it's going to take a lotttt of time. =D

~Hudaww: Eid Mubarak sweets =D
Ohhhhooooohohohoho, I didn't mean those pathans. Dil pe na lo. Sowwie. And cheer up! It's Eid =D

Adnan Siddiqi says:

I wish life could be like a software program with some loops and GOTO statements to perform reptitive tasks. *sigh*

sorry dinky, I know the thing I said above is actually crap for you.

Dang. That was such a complicated Eid u had.

Mine was simple,

in somewhat following steps.

1. Shower/get dressed
2. Go to national Masjid for prayers
3. Snap Photos from my new Nikon D90 (I captured few MInisters, including the King and Prime Minister)
4. Breakfast with Hot tea than get back home.
5. Watch prison break on computer
6. Sleep rest of the whole day
7. Wake up, have tea go to mall, do window shopping
8. Buy DVD's
9. Come back home
10. Watch DVD's

Sigh, i know it was such a hectic and tiring day :p

~Adnan: Nah, I did understand a lil of it waisay =D

~JonyBr: Awww, you shouldn't work so hard on Eids. It's good there are only 2 Eids a year. :P

wow.. some what my eid days turned out same too
In just three days of eid, my home esp my kitchen is more like some ABC sweets and Bakers Shop
but still i luved it soo very bery much :D

glad that you had fun too :D

rasheedullah says:

HAPPY BELATED EID MUBARIK! , as is the custom the ladies had to spend the eid day working in kitchen, hats off to them for cooking so many delicious items...

Was your dress the same shocking one you wore today? :P

Shocking day with a shocking chick of a shocking size turning up in a shocking dress. :P

~Ash: Lol. That happens a lot on Eids ;D

~Rasheedullah: Belated Eid Mubarak to you too =)

~Sawj: Lol. Yeah... :P ... with a shockingly flat heel standing among shocking dumbers :P

what a marathon! WOW!~

Lol. I know :P

uuuuuuuuffffffffffff that was one eid u had umema...... u should've hired someone like cousin or frd n told them that u'll split ur eidi ;)

I wasn't expecting so many guests and such a load of work! =(

Dumbers? Engineers babe, engineers! We design the world! :P

Wow. You had one hell on an Eid nevertheless - at least not the sleep-if-off day I usually have on Eid - though this time, my Eid was a great one too.
Btw you didn't spill the Eidi count :P

~Senilius: Oh riiiiiiight!!!! You're still unemployed, remember? :P

~Salman Latif: Oh yeah =) Eidi count is enough for me to buy a bicycle (for my size, of course) =D

So? I was employed not long ago. :P

Like when? =P

Like July! :P

July of which year? :P

This year dumbo! :P

Kahan July, aur kahan October! Tch tch tch. =P

Haan, bas roti raho!

Chal oye! :P

Rotu bhindi! :P

It's called khusa/naagra right?
my Mufat Ka black khussa on barat day was much better than yours :D

~Senilius: *Meera style* No comments :P

~Adnan: Ab I can't wear your muftay ka khussa :P That "saleem shahi", right? =D

Adnan says:

what's the difference between nagra,khusa and saleem shahi?

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