Wine Streaks!

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So I streaked my hair today - Burgundy/wine shade. Around 3 years I dyed my hair completely, and thanks to the good growth of my not-so-beautiful hair, the dye has moved down to the tips only. So today, bitten by a keera, I asked Momma to streak my hair. And they look so cool now =) This black-burgundy shade is looking awesome-ish!

So tomorrow when I'd straighten my hair, they'd look almost the same as shown in the picture above. =) Makes me feel happayyyy :P



Oh My My! :O ... I want to see a pic =O ..

upload one of facebook ;)

*dying to see your husunn* :P

Hahhaa... I keep my husun a secretttt :P

Tomorrow I might take a few pics. Let's wait and see =p

For a moment was like hain, hair colour change howa hai ya poora face (after looking at the pic)

And yes, peeekchure please


Shokhi :p kal date per toh nae jaa rahi kya ;-)

Waisey i wanna die my hair red :p like those chinese brats lol . . . .

And for once i thought that your face changed and this was your picture :d

~Qurrat: Lol. I'm not a moti aunty :P Will soon take a peekkchure :P

~Ubeee: O yeah :P Now shhhh :P
You dye your hair flame :P Oye hoye! =D

really pretty hair ^^

Chumpoo says:

You re looking horrible in the pic :P

~Ali: Not mine =)

~Chumpoo: Thank you :P

Oh, pretty pretty! I'm sure your hair look awesome! MashaAllah :)

*shaking head*

Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:

hey dinky mind....

naice hair color....cn i know who's color is it? i mean l'oreal, garnier, etc. and plz also can u tell me the number too

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