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Oh well, I just woke up but still sleepy (It's 5:40 pm). :/ I woke up around 7 am this morning. Waited for the alarm to buzz at 7:40 am. Then after putting it on snooze intentionally, waited for another buzz after 10 minutes. Sigh. I know I'm a very good procrastinator. Finally got out of bed and started getting ready to greet the busy day.

Went to take my 2-hour remedial Math class at the IBA. It was fun. Really. The teacher's really nice and I didn't find myself that stupid at math. :P After that class, Maryam and I went to CBM. Over there she had to talk about the delay in fee deposit. I hope they consider it because she's in the waiting list of IBA. Around noon we reached CBM, and around 1 pm, I reached home. Picked my documents and headed to Bahria Uni. Over there it took me a good 2 hours (getting the work done and chat with Ma'am Eram). And I finally reached home around 3 pm. Was so tired and hungry that I was unable to decide what to do first - to have lunch or to take a nap? So I yawned and finished my lunch in tiny bites @ one yawn per bite. And when I went to my room to take a proper nap, I lost my sleep :/ This is one thing that ticks me off real badly. So I started humming lullabies to myself and finally slept around 4:30 pm or so :/

In short, I had a terrible day. Had no breakfast and didn't know how to get rid of that growling tummy during the class :/ My phone's acting weirdly too :/ Switches off itself for no good reason :S But then, all this makes a memorable day :P

Cheerio folks =D



ami kehti hain perho gay nahi toh dhair saray paisay kaisay kamao gay :p

0_0 ... i ain't in your blog roll =/

lazy day heh.... happens a little too often with me too.

~Ubaid: Meri ammi kehti hein perho gee to apna he faida hai :$ I still can't figure out that faida :(

And I did add you in my blogroll. I wonder why doesn't it show your blog here. It does on my dashboard though :|

~Brok3n: Lazy to baad mein hua :P Subah se ab tak it was heck busy :(

idher sey add kerna paray gaa naah... update this thingy of yours .... automatically theek ho jaye gaa :)

hahahah mayri ami yeh bhi kehtien hain, tabhi toh main aaj kal sakoon lay rahan houn.... coz abhi faida nahi chaiya naah!!

Busy busy day eh :P

September main main bhee aisee hee honge...

Samz says:

yawned and finished my lunch in tiny bites @ one yawn per bite...haha

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