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On Saturday, after our classes, Maryem and I went to Cupola, Park Towers. She had to submit her internship report and I wanted to enjoy some rain :D On our way we saw a lot of rain water flooded on the roads. So before we could drive up the Clifton bridge, a Land Cruiser went past us very very closely and all the rain water splashed on my window. I screamed so loudly! :D That thing scared the hell outta me. Because of the rain, our windows were slid up, but if they hadn't been, I would've been soaked badly. =D

Yesterday, we went to Phuppo's for lunch, and to Lala's for dinner. It started raining when we reached Phuppo's place. Tuba, my cousin (yeah, the same whom I hated in my childhood for pulling my cheeks), insisted me to go on the rooftop and enjoy the rain. I, who had my hair fresh shampooed and conditioned, didn't want to spoil them. And then her innocent insistent tone changed to a forcing one. She picked out one of her dresses for me and literally ordered to go change. Before going into the rain, I covered my hair with dupatta. Didn't want the rain water to pitter-patter on my bhoosafied head. =P It was so much fun running in the rain and watching kids play football! =D



Running in the rain rocks! =)

I want rain!!!!! :(

lahore mai barish kyun nahi ho rahi :(

Chumpoo says:

@siras: bathroom ka nalka kharab kardo aur gutters mey kachra daal ko. khud bakhud Karachi k barish k mazay ajain gay.

Uh! That bad!! :O Aisi baarish nahi chahiye mujhe :$

At least you didn't have to push your car in almost knee deep Nala water and have a car come rushing by, making waves which struck the bumper of your car and jumped into your mouth!

~Dhanya: Oh yeahhhh!!! :D It's one the best things :P

~Siras: Wait. Sending :P

~Ubaid: That's strange! Wahan to pehlay honi chahiay thi.

~Chumpoo: Oh come on. Ab itni bhee buri haalat nahi. Aur agar hay bhee to you shouldn't describe it like that :$ I love me's city =$

~Siras: Itni buri thi bhee nahi, tension not :P

~Sawj: WOW!!! This sounds fun!!! You should've taken pictures!!! :P

Bechara Sawj :(

.. Ema, sounds like you had fun, eh? While I was reading the 'washed and conditioned' part of this post and how you covered your head for protection .. it reminded of that Kalaa Kolaa wala ad :O .. ahahhaha!

Kala kola?


I miss the rain. :|

~Huda: Yeah, loadsa fun :D And what was the kala kola ad all about? :P

~Qurrat: May be she wanted to say Koka Kola :P

No one remembers that colour wala ad in Pakistan?
Kala Kolaa Hair tonic :$

It's very old :$

raisn are always lovley and revitalizing

Oh yeah. I madly badly love rains!!!!

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