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Yeah, I was bored, so I had nothing to do but post these images. =/



these all are very motivating... you collected good stuff...

Seriously yeh post love hai :D

~KZ: Thanks to an email :D

~Ubaid: Lol. Kia hay? :P

~Sawj: :S

Awwwwww, love them, seen them before though. But still love them. :D

And look at that cutie kiddie in that "No matter how you feel,get up, dress up and show up." Such a janu. :D

Awww, yeah. Paala sha bacha :P

don't you know what love is :p hahahahaha

These are some amazing words. good post :)

~Ubaid: Asking who? :P

~AJ: Yeah. Thank you =)

asking you ;)

Anonymous says:

and in reply all i'd say its easier said than done..cheers: )

Farigh committee ki chairperson =D

~Ubaid: Ye post love hay ka kia matlab hay? :D

~Shinday: At least one can try, no? =)

~Jingoist: Is aizaaz ka shukria :P

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