MacBook Wheel - A Laptop with no Keyboard!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, January 07, 2009 in ,

Apple has come up with yet another amazing product - the MacBook Wheel.

Steve Jobs claims that this new MacBook is very simple. Brian Gilman, the design engineer says: "Open the intuitive alphabet menu here. Scroll to the letter you need, and center click to select it. Then click again to capitalize and repeat the process again for each new letter. Couldn't be simpler!" Like we've got a lot of time to do that. Plus, what about those who type blindly? With this MacBook Wheel, they would need to look at the screen total time.

The funniest thing is when Gilman says, "Everything is just a few hundred clicks away".
In my view, it will be a flop!

It is somewhat similar to MacBoor Air, in terms of failure. But it will beat Air. Check out the prices :D



Anonymous says:

I must say great invention in order to take revenge from some body
Just gift this and your revenge will be accomplished
Well my rare advice for the inventor of this product “doesn’t obsess your self with work load... You need a big break.. Go on break before company kicks you out...
Nice place ..
Cool front end,,
Keep up the good work …
Take care,

Anonymous says:

great job from Apple ... but m afraid this product fails just becouse of users want type in free mode how we type alphabets with wheel ..

i recently watch video of Macbook Wheel and i noticed how hard to write something ..

watch your self http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0Gzq-QEt0s


~Ash: Lol. Seriously it is a saza :D It really seems to me a obsession :D Thanks for liking the good work (not sure if you're admiring my blog or the new MacWheel) :D

~YouTee: Lol. The video is there in my post too :)

Anonymous says:

yeah flop for me too! but who knows.. stupid things happen with pride in this world, so we might add one more if this mac wheel gets hit!

Anonymous says:

my admiration for new macwheel is more than enough in my previous comment.. don't have words to say further :D

you are doing far better than this macwheel girl..
atleast your blog doesn't seem to make people's life miserbale as macwheel is supposed to made for;)

Anonymous says:

cant afford air .. cant afford wheel .. let them design =P

~Kamran. Yeah, true. Let's see what happens after 13 months, when it will be finally released. Plus, We don't need this much technology or "simplicity". Apple is trying to 'thopafy' technology on us.

~Ash: Lol. I'm flattered :P Thanks for such an admiration for my blog ;)

~Asma: Lol. They're hell over-priced! Ab itna bhee kia :P

Anonymous says:

oh darling... plz don't be...
just vist mine and do the same ;)....:P

It's still a wonderful technology, eventhough it's way too over priced and probably won't be a hit among the masses.

Anonymous says:

Absar? Absaarrr?

~Ash: I do visit yours. It doesn't publish my comments :(

~Siras: Oh yeah, way over priced

~Sawj: He doesn't comment here :)

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