Aashoo's Birthday!

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Today's Aashoo's 3rd birthday. But we celebrated it yesterday, around midnight :D I made a card for her. Hehe. We had BBQ Behari kebab and Chinese rice with yummy Shashliks in the menu. :D The birthday was berry yummy too. Aashoo was dressed like a fairy. Cutie. The best part was seeing her unwrapping her gifts wildly :D Don't laugh because at one time I was looking at her gifts so greedily that Momma shoke me to stop acting like that :P [Later I played with her doll - Candy, and the fish toy she got] :D

That's the card I made for her. It is so not attractive to a 3-year old kid. It's simply black & white. I just wanted to show my *creativity* after all these years :P My inner child won't ever grow up, even a teeny bit *sighs*. And this shows Aashoo's cute family :) And how she calls her Daddy, Momma and lil Bebe :)

My shweetie pie =)

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

belated birthday wishes to your little fairy from YouTee , and i like your creativity in card as you mention 3 basic shapes of geometry ...lol

have fun


Anonymous says:

i alrdy wished her but wish agian....

many she enjoyz many many more with all of u guys :)

thats not bad for starterz :P lolsss
keep giving her on her each birthdayz then when she turnz 20 u both can sit together and compare ur skillz :)

let her b the judge

~YouTee: Lol. Kids make such pictures :D

~Yesterday Lady: Awww... Thanks again :)
Not a bad idea waisay :) Will do that each year now :)

Anonymous says:

Happy belated birthday little angel
I wonder why all pretty girls have names like Aashoo, Ash , Ashi, Ayesha ;)

Aww, cute card! I'm sure she loved it! And that's what matters right! :D

And she's an absolute angel, very cute mashaAllah :D

Adding you to my blogroll, if that's okay?

~Ash: Lol :D All pretty Aashoos and Ash(es) are lil angels, that's why :P

~Siras: The thing that made me happy was she understood my drawing :D

Aww, 'tis okay. You may :) I will add you too. :)

Anonymous says:

why all pretty girls have names like Aashoo, Ash , Ashi, Ayesha ;)

uffffffff khudaya!! kahan jaoun...

tum larkiyan ayse kio hoti ho? :P

o yar punjabi mein saare aAasheee kehtey hein!!

~Adnan: Lol :D To phir kaisa hona chahiay?

~Jingoist: I'm still Urdu Speaking so I'd say Aashoo :P

~Adnan: Lol :D To phir kaisa hona chahiay?

~Jingoist: I'm still Urdu Speaking so I'd say Aashoo :P

Anonymous says:

sweeetooo ... sees like just yesterday when she was born =D

Ooooh I love the pampered bebe in the sketch u drew ;)

ps: in whose cupboard the gifts went? :P


Anonymous says:

To phir kaisa hona chahiay?

jaisy k nahi ho.

Anonymous says:

Adnan: I would say its my keen observation rather than uff khudyaaa :P

Jingoist: My paternal family is urdu speaking too and they used to call me Ashoo
inspite of that i heard Aasheeeya when i went gilgat on vacation.
People used to call me there Aasheeya :D

Anonymous says:

Siras & Dinky:
It sounds like one has to ask other before you add him/her in your blogroll
If is it so, I can’t do this now as i already added you people in my blogroll
Sorry! I did so without you guys permission :$... but it’s my blog, my blogroll so i can do whatever i want to with it :P and breaking customs is one of my fav. Games :D

~Asma: Yeah. I remember how 3 years ago I posted her pictures when she was a 3-day baby :)
I also love the pampered baby. The pamper seems more like a flower pot :D

~Adnan: Jealous people :P

~Ash: No problem. We were being a lil too formal :P Werna I also add people without their permission :P

Ash: No worries, I was being too formal as Dinky said! :)

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