When the Director Violates!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 in
If you have to go to the washroom over here, you enter this corridor, there's a kitchen + dining hall on the left. Leave it. Take a left turn, and you'd be near the washrooms. The ladies' one's on the left, and the gents go straight. Just yesterday, my friend Al and I had to do wuzu and were walking through the corridor, when some guy (who was coming behind us) almost whispered, "Director's inside!". Both of us thought he's probably talking to himself. I went up to the washroom's door and turned the knob. Locked! Confused, I looked at Al, and she gave blank expressions too. Before I could knock the door, Mashkoor sahab opened it from inside and with his eyes fixed at the floor, he walked out with "Sorry, sorry!" Hahahaha..

Later, we went to the receptionist and asked her why the Director did that. She gave such a funny reason (which he must have given to her too) that when there's no one in the ladies restroom, he goes in, and people usually know he's inside (I wonder how!), and when the door is already locked - means some ladies are inside, he, without knocking the door, goes straight to the men's washroom!!! What an idiocracy!!!

His "sorry, sorry" still makes us laugh. =) And did I tell you there're just 5 and a half female employees in the office? Well, I'm an internee :P

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

it reminds me of one of teh funniest incidenst that ever happened in my life:)
It was our Iguess 4th Semester Engineering exam and we were supposed to take it in Civil Engineering dept. So me and my MAria wnet to washroom just before the paper started. Civil Eng. dept was really small and they had a girls washrom on second floor an dboys washrom on 1st foor. Our paper was on 1st floor so we rushed to second floor and there was one of these three wahsrooms that were locked:) by the time we came out, the third washroom opened with a guy coming out and man ! the lookon our face is unforgettable we bursted into a big laughter saying girllllls washrooom hmm!
the guy was a genius a position holder and that day onwards he always blushed upon facing us:P

Anonymous says:

Directors and position holders using ladies' washrooms... What is the world coming to?!

*shakes his head*

Anonymous says:

Funny...maybe the ladies washrooms are more cleaner...hehehe...

~Unaiza: In our uni, the case is completely opposite. Girls "accidently" enter the men's washrooms! :| Haye zamana!!

~Saadat: Just yesterday, another colleague went into the ladies' washroom. I wonder why they have put the "LADIES" board on the door. :/

~UTP: Lol. Yeah, that's the only point I could think of :D

Anonymous says:

My my my GOD ... So what does he do inside :S

Matlab kay KIya??

BTW, I think guy's washrooms are cleaner .. Like we went to naraan with uni .. stayed at PTDC and in early hours we used to always go in guy's washroom only :P

Eeek :P

Anonymous says:

What the heck do you mean by 5 and a half female employees?

Man this is serious. I hope one of the gent employees aint a metro.

~Asma: what does a person do inside a washroom? Lol!! I have never been to any guys' washrooms so I can't tell if they're clean or not :)

~Safiullah: Offoo, I mentioned na that I'm an internee :) lol. Don't think too much :D

~Safiullah: Sorry, Dinky Mind forgot to welcome you on her blog :) Enjoy reading my rants :)

Anonymous says:

Rants I can handle.... Dont turn them into raving of mad men like mine.

~Safiullah: Lol...There are very few people who call themselves mad. Majority denies this fact! :D

Anonymous says:

People who call everyone else mad are mad themselves, people who call themselves mad are geniuses (read jerks)

~Safiullah: You're DARING!! Lol... *hollers* Hey, people out there, this guy is calling you all mad (or jerks)!!! Hawwww!!! :P

*sits crossed-legs and rubs hands and waits to see the people attacking Safiullah* :P

Anonymous says:

I think you've seen too many road runner cartoons. first off I did nt call anybody but myself mad, pycho, yada yada yada (low self esteem issues maybe?) and second, by simple logic and deduction I just called myself a genius (or a jerk depending on your perspective like we talked about before.) See what I did there.

I actually used that precious grey matter. Wow I must be a genius. Gee, I sometimes crack myself up.

~Safiullah: Oh, I just love road runner...*peep peep* and Speedy Gonzalez (sp.?) too :D
I must admit you REALLY are a genius - calling yourself mad or jerk or any other such thing isn't an easy job :P

Anonymous says:

Irrelevant to the post but...the best part about your blog that I like is....the "Dinky mind stopped working at..."


~UTP: Jes jes, Dinky Mind (sometimes) comes up with very cool ideas :P
You haven't yet seen the ambigrams that I've made (jes jes, me showing awfff) :D will post the link soon (cuz ghar ka net very slow chaling) :|

ye tu fishy uncle hain :|

~Acro: Kuch ziada he :D

keep an eye :P

~Acro: He isn't good :P

grrrr I didnt mean that eye :@

Anonymous says:

array... i m not an iffco ki employee... !!
n u forgot to mention that it isnt just mashkoor sahib who uses ladies washroom... there are other ppl too...
i think there is sumthing in the washroom, eventhough there is no ac or fan there but anyone can sit there for 30 mins ... ;)

they will deport me out of country if they see me coming out of a ladies washroom, tsk tsk you guys shud complain cmon its against ethics :P

~Ailya: Lol, yeah, Mukesh bhai :D Some people won't ever learn! :)

~Acro: And you dont even have the courage to do so :P

dont tempt me :(

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