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Belonging to an Urdu-speaking family, we are very (okay, I'm somewhat) particular about the gender of certain words. Following are those few words whose gender is disputed! Lol.

  • Road: So, what do you say, "Road hota hay" or "Road hoti hay"? Well, I think Road is a larka, so it should be "Road hota hay", but many people think ke "Road hoti hay". Now look, Road lamba hota hay, right? 'Sarak' lambi nae hoti, that's why
    روڈ ھوتا ھے اور سڑک ھوتی ھے

Clear now?

  • Akhbaar: Ab please don't show your akhrotness and say that Akhbaar hoti hay. Akhbaar is again a larka. Like, "Akhbaar aaya, Akhbaar perha". I know most of you do think of Akhbaar being masculine, but back in school I had a friend who'd say "since girls are bad, and Akhbaar is bad too, so akhbaar is a larki. Hence, Akhbaar ai!" : Now argue if you can! :D

  • Haleem: Yummm!!! :P I asked one of my friends whether Haleem is male or female (:P), and she said, " اگر زیادہ بنے تو حلیم ھوتا ھے، اور اگر کم بنے تو ھوتی ھے
And I wondered if I asked her, "So how do you measure it then?", her reply might come out as:
اگر دیگچی میں بنے تو حلیم ھوتی ھے اور اگر دیگ میں بنے تو ھوتا ھے

If, God forbid, she had concurred with my point, I would have thought that there are people who still can beat this Dinky Mind in idiocracy!!

  • Pulao: Now this is something I recently discovered :D I used to think of Pulao as a lady, and hence, "Pulao banai, Pulao khai, Pulao mazay ki thi". But this someone gave me the proof that Pulao is a boy! :D So, from now on I have to say, "میں پلاؤ کھاؤں گی " But that makes it a girl again. Wait, let me make a male version of it ;) " پلاؤ بہت اچھا تھا" Fine?? :P

  • Dahi: All those who say "Dahi khai, Dahi khatti thi" are wrong!!! :) Well, I used to say the same, but then I was told ke Dahi is a larka. So, from now on, you all have to say

“دھی اچھا تھا“ :)

So, we all need to learn the proper gender of words before, one day, we start saying

" لڑکا ھوتی ھے اور لڑکی ھوتا ھے“


Aray, this reminds me that over the weekend I saw this rickshaw which said,

"آج پھلجڑی ھوں، کل پٹاخہ بنوں گی“

Lol! :D People are so funny.

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

Jii nahin, Road bhi hoti hay =P Pahli baaat tu Road is english :P

Pulao banni :S You karachiites have kinda weird urdu genders ;) ... Pulao here is definitely bana :D Same goes for dahi ...~

Good god, come to Isloo ... I'll give you a lesson in genders ;)

~Asma: Welcome to Akhrotland! :D Road hota hay yer, kisi se bhee pooch ke dekh lo :P
I also believe dahi is a larka,so no differences on it :)
Lol, na bhae, Im happy here. Wahan gai to sab ulta he na ho jai :P ke Asma aaya.. :P

Anonymous says:

Okay, I am not exactly ahl-e-zubaan... as the term is generally understood. I am cedrtainly ahl-e-zubaan, if the zubaan under discussion is Potohari/Pahari... incidently, my Pahari is worse than my Urdu. So here is my tupence worth:

Road: Hoti hai bibi. Sarak bhi hoti hai. Zubaan badalney main gender ka badal jaana kaafi khatarnaak hai. There are examples of course... Mez hoti hai, aur Table hota hai. But, generally, the gender stays the same across linguistic barriers.

Akhbaar hota hai, khabar hoti hai. Acha ya bura akhbaar nahin hota, khabar hoti hai. Your friend was probably on to something, but she got her cause and effect mixed up :)

Haleem hoti hai. Period. Saalan hota hai.

Pulao ke gender main bhi gumaan huwa karta hai? Kamal hai... main ne to jub se khaya hamesha pulao khaya, biryani urayee.

Sawal yeh hai keh, "Main pulao khaon gee" se pulao ke gender pe kia farq para? Yahan gee ka istimal aap ka gender clarify karney ke liye hai... Main ne Pulao khaya is a better example.

I could be all wrong of course... what do we Paharis know about the nuances of Urdu? :)

Anonymous says:

Naa ji naaa :P

I get to hear "Its a very characterless statement you've in ur status :S"

when i had this phuljari thing in my status :P

Anonymous says:

You yourself need to migrate from Akhrotland, dinky sister! :P

Bhaijan's (knicq's) comment above clarified everything up. I would have said the same things. (Except that I would have started a really boring lecture on Urdu grammar, and thus my comment wouldn't have been half as interesting as his.)

By the way, now that we are at it, identify the mistake(s) in the following sentence:

اس کالج کی لڑکیاں آفت کی پرکالہ ہیں۔


Anonymous says:

Feels nice to see a post from a girl giving masculine things equal rights and standing up for them...

~Knicq: Umm, I don't know if Pahari and Urdu are sisters :D
Road kyun "hoti" hay? :$ Road "toota" hua hota haina, "tooti" hui to nahi.
Aray, table bhee hoti hay :D
Aur jab itni heavy cheez, jaisay ke biryani larki hay to phir halkay se pulao ko kyun larka boltay hein aap loag? Ye to cheating hui na.
And no, you're not wrong. More than half of Pakistan thinks like you :D

~Asma: To aap ko kis ne mashwara dia tha ke aap isay apnay status mein likhein? :P Are you a rickshaw wali kia? :P

~Saadat: Oh yes, ab to yehi lagta hay :P Waisay I was waiting for your comment here, thought you'd also concur with me :$ but yahan to sab loag aik party huay hein :( I used to think of you as the perfect Urdu-daan.
Okay, the mistake in the sentence is
اس کالج کے لڑکے آفت کے پرکالے ھیں
LOL!!! :D Ab is mein koi ghalti nae hogi :P

~SAWJ: Lol! That's what YOU think :D Remember, good things are always female (just dont consider Katrina and Rita hurricanes) ;)

Anonymous says:


This is sooo funny and so irrelevant. It does nt matter if something is masquiline or feminine, it conveys the point. Language and liturature is bull, I was never good at it... Remind me never to try n read War and Peace in one go.

Anonymous says:

And frankly speaking karachitites speak good urdu as a general rule... Isb people speak urdu like "what did you just say?!!"

And if you put in a istalah they get sooo confused.

I once said 'dhobi a kutta na ghar ka na ghaat ka' and i HAD TO EXPLAIN IT.

No offense isb people (even though my family lives there)

~Safiullah: Aray, irrelevant kahan se? I'm trying to spread some knowledge and you're trying to discourage me :P Are you talking about "The Ethics of War and Peace"? ;) Haven't read it yet. Aaj he jaa ke dekhoun ge ke aisa kya hay us mein :D

Yeh cheez, Karachiites are the besht urdu-speakers :D [Atleast someone's supporting poor Dinkum]

And btw, the correct sentence is "dhobi ka kutta, ghar ka na ghaat ka" :D
It's not "na ghar ka.." :D See, Dinky is berry good at Urdu :D

ATTN ALL Dinky Mind's Urdu isn't bad, and neither does she confuses masculine words with feminine. The reason: She got an A in A-Level Urdu...aur wo bhee 98% per :P [yeah yeah, she's showing off. Stay jeslus (Dinky Mind says jeslus and not jealous, so again stay jeslus on her stoopid spellongs) :P ]

Ab kisi ne kaha na ke road hoti hay to pitai ho jai ge, samajh ai?!

and namak is :P

~Acro: Namak khaya!!! Namak is masculine. Don't tell me ke "aap ne namak khae" :$

nae mein nakam khata hoon :P shukran

~Acro: Nakam? :P Good to know that :D

*goes bangs his head
seee ur dinko mind distracted me, i meant namak :P

~Acro: Lol...Btw, do you really think namak is faminine? :O

Pehli baat - stop going LARKA LARKI over words! :P It's Muzakkar Mo'annas.

Duusri baat - sharam karo. Asma's Urdu is better than yours - and she's from ISB! No offense Asma, I say that with all the respect in the world :P :P

Teesri baat - haleem hota hai. Period.

Chohti baat - next time when I tell you the gender of a word - no discussion.. I'm right :P

~Absar: Doosri baat mein to aik teer se do shikaar ker diay...Bhaee wah! :p

Ok boss, won't argue...Waisay meray liay bhee "haleem hota hay". :D

And I like your paanchvi baat the most :P

Sowwie, in the 17th comment, the spelling is "feminine" and not "faminine" :$
See, your ulti seedhi urdu has spun this tiny Dinky Mind :(

my ulti seedhi urdu :| and no namak hota hai :P

Anonymous says:

Hadd ho gayee! Road tooti huee hi hoti hai! As for table, maybe Bhaijan was referring to a paharra and not a mez, in which case a table is "masculine".

And what do you mean you "used to" think of me as an Urdu-daan? :P I certainly cannot claim to be an Urdu-daan, but still, the idea of someone thinking of me as one is flattering, no?!

As for your correction of the sentence that I wrote in the previous comment: subhanAllah. We had this sentence in one of our Urdu exams back in FSc, and nobody got it right. Some even corrected the sentence like you did. :P

Anyway, it's

اس کالج کی لڑکیاں آفت کا پرکالہ ہیں۔

So much for correct genders!

~Acro: jes jes :)

~Saadat: Lol @ knicq bhai's table :D
That urdu sentence, you wrote the same in your previous comment, no? :D

Anonymous says:

*sighs and shakes his head*

The incorrect sentence was:
اس کالج کی لڑکیاں آفت کی پرکالہ ہیں۔

And the correct sentence was:
اس کالج کی لڑکیاں آفت کا پرکالہ ہیں۔

See?! :P

Anonymous says:

LOL jharoo ka zikr nahin mila:)
I once asked a friend in my group, back in skool about dahi...
hota hay ya hoti hay
so we had another bihari girl in the group she said humaray han tu dahi hoay hay:P LOL

Had hoti hai ema Pulao hota hai bae... but u r write Road Hota hai bae....

Haleeeeeem hoti hai!!!

aur jo marzi karlo Sar mei dard hoti hai, paon mai dard hota hai!!!! bus...

brain teasers for you:

Mulk bhi hota hai but Country hoti hai (cuz we use her, as Pakistan and her beautiful landscape... yeah yeah u can replace it with 'it')

Bus hoti hai truck hota hai... why? in kay faces? ghussa?
bus hoti hai.... but plane hota hai? same purpose halankay....

cigarette hoti hai/hota hai??

motorcycle/motorbike, cycle kya hota/hoti hai?

~Saadat: I was wrong when I said you seem an Urdu-daan. :P You're the first one who's saying ke "aafat ka perkala" hota hay. Shukar hey ye meray paper mein nae aaya tha :P

~Unaiza: Aray jharoo to mo'annas hay (Happy, Absar? Me using muzakkar/mo'annas now :P)
Hahahahaha...Dahi "hoay" hay is the best one!!! :D :D I love her reply :D

~Harris: Bhae wah! Ye achi logic nikaali aap ne ke sar mein dard hoti hay aur paoun mein dard hota hay.
Cigarette? Ummm, cigarette pi (means mo'annas), but cigarette toot gaya (means muzakkar). Cigarette ka gender is disputed! Haww :D
Cycle hoti hay...motorcycle ka pata nae, mein nae chalati :P

Anonymous says:

You so need to learn how to use an Urdu dictionary! :P

And don't worry, I am not the first one to think that it's aafat ka parkala; my teachers got there first and they were right. (And just a tiny reference: http://crulp.org/oud/ViewWord.aspx?refid=2413)


~Saadat: Dinky Mind's never gonna learn :D And thanks for the link :) You And Absar are helping a lot to improve my Urdu by sending such links :P

Anonymous says:

Listen lady... there is yin and yan... chair hoti hai, Table hota hai. Kursi hoti hai mez hota hai. Agar nahin hota to hona chahiye.

Pahari by the way is the same as Potohari and a first cousin of hindko. Most Punjabis have trouble deciphering the akkaR lehja of pahari, urdudaans normally have to be hospitalized after direct exposure. Its rugged as the name suggests :)

Haleem hoti hai.

Aafat KA parkala huwa karta hai.

Cigarette moozi hota hai, aur unisex bhi.

Road hoti hai, tootne ke baad bhi. Footpath hota hai.

Rahee baat biryani aur Pulao kee... to aghlaban is main is amr ka dakhal hai keh un donon kee shaadi ko sadiyan guzar chukee hain, aur baqaul shakhse barr-e-sagheer main shaadi ke taweel arsey ke ba'ad auwzaan ka meezan ulat jaata hai. Khatoon-e-khana ko tuss se muss karna, chahey woh nazriyati aetibar se ho ya jismani, aik joo-e-sheer laney ke mutaradif theherta hai.

Hence, biryani hoti hai bawaujood is ke keh baqaul aapke bhari bharkam hoti hai, aur pulao hota hai.

Waisey aik jumla-e-mo'tariza yahan bhi dar aata hai - main keh ramooz-e-rasoi se yaksar ghafil hun, ahlia ke bataye ko sanad jaanta hun, aur ahlia farmati hain keh biryani halki hoti hai kiyunkeh chawalon ka paani, jisey pitch ya pich kehte hain, is main paya nahin jaata, jabkeh pulao bhari theherta hai keh is kee khudi main pitch ko amal dakhal hota hai. Wallahu A'alam Bissawab.

~Knicq bhai: Hahaha...Such an informative comment, with all the proofs and confirmations! :D
Table, paharay wala, hota hay. Laikin table, mez wali, hoti hay. Aap kisi se pooch ke dekh lein :P

As for the parkala thing, larkay aafat ka perkala hotay hein, aur larkian ... wo bohat masoom hoti hein :P

Lol @ cigarette...Never heard ke "cigarette toot gaya" :$

Haan, footpath to no doubt hota hay. Magar road...usay bhee muzakkar rehney dein to kia muzaiqa hay?

Lol @ "shaadi ke taweel arsey ke ba'ad auwzaan ka meezan ulat jaata hai". Aur aap kyun cartoon-e-khana ( I mean khatoon-e-khana) ko tuss se muss kerna chahtay hein? :P

Aap bohat he mutee'e aur farma'bardaar shaks lagtay hein, jaisa ke aap ne fermaya, "ahlia ke bataye ko sanad jaanta hun". Lol...Reminds me of that story "mein aik mian houn" :D by Shaukat Thanwi? I don't remember exactly. :D

Ab se pulao ko muzakkar to bana he lia hay mein ne, biryani to khair hay he mo'annas :D

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