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Niveau 1 certificate

Niveau 2 certificate

شکر ھے کسی چیز میں تو اچھے نمبر آتے ھیں میرے

Cheerio buddies =)



اللہ تمہیں مزید کاميابیاں عطا کرے۔ آمین

اللہ تمہیں مزید کاميابیاں عطا کرے۔ آمین

Congrats :DDDDDDDDD may u have many more excellents in more things :P

Bon travail Soeur.
Pouvoir Allah vous conserve



mubarak ho dear:) finally u have them in ur hands:)

Good job frenchie - 35 hr thats a lot of credit hours ;)

show off :P


PS: i dontunderstand a word they say except ur name, the date and EXCELLENT. translate them fir us..:P

I have been attacked.. help meeee. vote for ur bro.. @ http://urdublog.blogspot.com

Testify my comments.. please..



chaloo good

awwww congrats!! and happy belated birthday too =)

kis cheez may nahi aye tumharay number ... francaise may tu u r masha allah get bohat acchay marks ... certificates ka bhi patta hay humay ...

aap kamal ki cheez hain :)

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum
94/100, 92/100

Ache number aatey hain toh motivation barhti hai and you start liking the subject. Congratulations. where is my choco-treat?

MashaAllah!!! Allah karay tumhain aur kaamiabian milain... Ameen!

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