Aazaadi mubarak!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, August 14, 2005

گائے سوپ بنانے والوں کی جانب سے اھلِ وطن کو جشنِ آزادی مبارک۔

بلی مارکہ میٹرو ملن اگربتی کی جانب سے تمام پاکستانیوں کو جشنِ آزادی کی خوشیاں مبارک

Happy Independence day...
wondering when my independence day will come...

Cheerio =)




Azadi mubarak to you too,sugar:)

azaadi mubarak *hugs*

Azadi Mubarak to you too :D.


shukria shukrai!!!

Azadi mubarik to you tooo!!!!!!

are u who owned Giy Soap and Billi maar ki agar batti.........?
Nice business yaar.
Because i usualy think these people are true representative of Pakistani ad media...lol

Same to u..mubaarkaan

LOL! u used the gaein soap ad. loool. i luv it. i always use the same for 14th august and eid greetings. haha.

mubarakan !

Gayeee soap

what a gayee


*sound of a canon fire*

Notice kijiye ke Pakistan ke Jhanday ko eik burani Table se phasa ker lagaya gaya hai :D

Happy Independence day :)

what do you mean by my indepenance :P

are you gonna seprate from your indian side and split into two .. name one paki-dinky and other indi-dinky :|


Wish I woz in khi - missed out on all the fun.

Nothing beats karachi's azadi celebrations / chaand raats

What do you mean by your independence?

omg .. shes gonna explode .. :O

Molti Foam bananay waloo.n ki janab se "Khair Mubarak!" hehe.

Anonymous says:

You forgot Lado sabun :)
Azadi Mubarak!

Anonymous says:

Azadi ki khushiyoon main aap kay saath saath. Iss khushi kay moqay par Hamdard ki nai carmina ko na bhooliyay.
A very happy independence day to you too.

~GUL: I'm doing all this cuz I want them to earn some money and make better ads. :)

~Luci: It's one of the funniest ads. :)

~Saady: Khair mubaarkaan :)

~TM: And when I wrote that Gayee soap ka ad, I was wondering what I was missing. Thanks for reminding me. "What a gayee" lol

~JonyBr: Hahahaa, you're absoultely right! :)

~TDH: Lol, no. I want azadi from work. :)

~Dirty Dan: Oh, you're so right. And where are you these days?

~Shirazi: I want to be free :)

~VL: Lol...this is awesome. :)

~Saadat: Lado sabun bananay waloun ki jaanib say Saadat ko jashan-e-azadi ki khushian mubarak :)

~SHA: Lol...Hamdard ki Carmina yaad dilaanay ka shukria :)

quite similar to my posts

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اسلام علیکم
I hope u r doing well. n آزادی مبارک۔ ur blog is soo good. i really realy love it u made it beautifull. i got a blog on msn spaces. http://spaces.msn.com/members/faimshkh
it is also in urdu but i like ur blog. i also want to creat a blog on blogger. actually i have 1 but it isn't working with urdu. so it's requested that plz tell me how can u write in urdu while i can't. is there some kinda codes i need to put in it or something else.
plz just send me a e-mail on faimshkh@hotmail.com


Fahim, try email posting on spaces, turn on the rich text posting (via hotmail, or outlook, i recommend outlook) and select the Urdu Nash AsiaType or Nafees Web Naskh as fonts and then publish, turn on the email publishing in the settings menu of ur space.

Geo ki janib say apnay nazreen ko Jashn-e-Azadi Mubarak..

Geo, Geo, Geo pakistan
pakistan pakistan geo pakistan :p.

TCH ki taraf say bhi J.A.M.

@Fahim: delete the meta tags of the rich post.

Fahim sheikh wants to write in urdu ;)

~Raheel: Yes :)

~Fahim Shaikh: And you have written urdu on your blog. You tell me how you wrote urdu here? Lol.Because I use something else. In my links section, you will find a link by the name of "write posts in urdu". Click that. write urdu in that page. And then copy, paste it onto your blogger post page! Done! But, there is something you have to do extra. And I'll tell you about it some other time.

~Harris: Khair mubaarkaan :) Are you publicising Geo here? lol

~TDH: And as you can see, he has! :)

Dinky my suttay baaz sister is islam :P

1. Focues and VERY hardworking. You go girl.
2. I am the one and only - Chesney Hawks
3. FLAVORLESS - coz its COLORLESS (read as CLEAR and PURE) :) But i'll wrestle ur kiddy bro, hes chooo cute!
4. Comprendre? :P
5. Urdu posts! :D
6. I'll tell you what intoxicant you remind me of.
7. Hmm, what made u take up french? :-|
8. Aight, now u gotta post the questions :P

byw, dirty dan aaj kal saudi main hota hai :P lol. bechara.

dan is in saudia??? doing what???

Anonymous says:

can't stop rofling at Fahim heheh!

Happy belated independence day, anyway :P

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