Deception Point

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, August 08, 2005 in
Yes, finally, I have finished reading this book. GOOD, which means 'not bad'. Lol. And after reading other three books by Dan Brown, I was sure either Tench, or that Pickering were creating problems. And am glad Tench died (how evil of me...lol). Sorry all present and prospective readers of Deception Point, I know am spoiling all the fun and suspence...but what can I say, am happy that what I expected to happen in the book, happened! <:o)

I read Brown's books in this order:
1~ Angels & Demons.
2~ The Da Vinci Code.
3~ Digital Fortress.
4~ Deception Point.

Although all books are great and are a pleasure to read, but I find Digital Fortress to be the best. Now, I have started reading 'The World in 2020' by Hamish McRae.

And oh, my French result is still not here. Some day, this evil receptionist will ___________

Enough for today... Have got a lot to do tomorrow, and lot to face as well!

Keep praying!

Cheerio =)



Oh no results yet!!

Hope they'd be good :) nah nah excellant i hope!!!

I'm not getting time to buy these books although i have found the shop from where i can buy all 4 books of 275 rs :)

So lets see!!!

wassalam n luv ya!

*eyes gaped in amazement* you know a shop from where you can buy alllll 4 for just 275???? MY GODDDDDDDDD....
I bought Decepton point for 335 and Digital Fortress for 350.... Got Da Vinci Code in a gift (lucky me) and SomeDesi lent me Angels & Demons...

Asma, you should have informed me about this great discounted offer a year ago, atleast! Now, I have lost a very good 685 bucks :(


[am making a list of books and sending you through email. Send all of them to me soon. Buy them from the same shop] :P

@asma: Harry potter was released on 16th July and I found its e-version on 19th July, I am sure I'll find the e-version of these books. Please mail me the name of the books you want to buy.. i'll search for em... this will save ur pocket for many other books... and snacks... so mail me the titles.... will ya?

kiya all 4 in 275??? paisay send keron??? i read the complete comment now.....

plz plz tell me ur bank account or atm number.... pleeeeeeeeeeeez

heh ..

i got da vinci code andangels and demins off liverty books

read them last week

ordered digital fortress for this week but they were outta stock :/ ..

have to settle with arthur c clarke :/

if you know some good book do recommend .. !

and harris .. i have the EVersion of Da Vinci code ..

leave me your email .. i will send it

send me the eversion of harry potter .. :P

Anonymous says:

Oh, I liked Da Vinci Code the best! Just the right amount of build up, and very, well, different. I guessed the end to Angels and Demons, but Da Vinci Code kept me guessing!

Allah Hafiz

@TDH.. i was unable to post reply at your blog.. here is my online storage id

(send the davinci code here)

download the five ebooks from http://www.geocities.com/harrisbinkhurram/harrypotter5in1.zip

I'll mail you the sixth book when I get ur email id.

@asma i'll fwd it to u.

@TDH - again.. Thanx a lotttt.
My email ids are harrisbinkhurram@gmail, yahoo and hotmail.

sorry the correct link is

(single r is haris, its ma filesharing id.)

main nahi bolta =P

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