Half-dead Birthday Mohtarma

Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, August 24, 2005 in
Yes people, it's true. Every year, on 22nd or 23rd August, I become terribly ill. I don't know who prays for my ill health in these days. *grumbles* And then I feel alive on 25th August. 24th August is always spoiled! Errrr.

I have a vivid memory of these uncontrollable and unbearable incidents. In 2001, on 22nd August, I suffered from an unceasing episode of vomits. Sounds yucky, I know. But, imagine how I survived. Helpless me.

Then, in 2002, on 24th August, I went to have my Commercial Studies class at my tution centre. And over there, my teacher ordered a big creamy cake, without telling me. And when everything was perfectly set up, my friends dragged me out of the class, and took me the other room for Birthday Celebrations. And then those evil friends smashed a big piece of cake on my face. Aye! And I felt like vociferating as I hate such heavy creamy cakes, but I was again very helpless! Thankfully, there was a clean washroom. And I washed my face with 10 gallons of water, and 4 bars of soaps. But still, I was kinda fainting. Even today, nothing scares me more than cream cakes! And that year, I celebrated my birthday thrice!!!!! What a nice punishment!

Now, what happened in 2003. On 23rd August, Shancha brought a lot of packets of chips for me and my sister. And we were eating them as there is nothing else on the planet but chips. My sister, being a wise lady, stopped eating after we finished the first packet. But I, being the ultimate chips lover, unwrapped the second packet and started munching chips. And that was the time when the prayers of all those people, who hate me and my habit of eating chips, were answered. I fell ill. Started vomitting at 2 am. And couldn't sleep the whole night. Yeah. Helpless me!

23rd August, 2004. Last year, that is. I was having the worst kind of sore throat. We went to our relative's place. Over there, their daughter served us coke. And I accpeted the glass with a Thankyou. When she was gone, I realised how disastrous that chilled coke would be for me. (Yeah, Dinky Mind is like a tubelight). So, I looked helplessly towards Some Desi. And he said, "What happened?" I explained in whisperings that I could not drink the coke. So, he whispered back, "Allright. You just keep the glass on the table. When I'll finish my coke, I'll drink yours." I was very relieved to hear that. And as we were sitting in a corner, we were being less noticed. But still, we tried to be alert. Lol. At one moment, I glanced towards the table on my left, and saw my glass untouched. I gave him those When-are-you-finishing-yours looks. And then, after a few moments, he kept his glass back and picked up mine. But the way he did it, made me smile. Thank God, I didn't laugh, cuz I always tend to have an uncontrollable giggling fit at the worst possible time. Hahaha... But the moment we left their place, we all laughed badly. It still makes me laugh. =)

And today, 24th August, 2005, I experienced the worst kind of headache in the evening (well, can say, night). When I came back from my class at 8:15 pm, my head seemed to become a solid rock being crushed with a hammer. Bahhhhhh. Then, I took 2 tablets of Disprin; my dearest friend in such times. And after 30 minutes, I felt alive again. Then, fever attacked me. Thankfully, it was a slight fever. So, I am feeling better now. Alhamdolillah. But, at 11:45 pm, I had pizza and coke. And since I was the birthday girl, my brother was kinda stuffing my mouth with pizza triangles. Gosh...that was funny....but became troubling after some time. I started feeling very very bad, like....like I dunno what!

And then, at 11:49 pm, I recieved a message. Anonymous number! But the sender was kind enough to add his name at the end. It was Hidden Id. Not hidden anymore. Thanks, anyway. Waisay is your watch 11 minutes ahead of mine, or what?

I recieved another message at 11:54 pm. I guess there's a problem with my clock settings. Err.. Anyways, this was from another anonymous number...And the anonymous sender is wishing me a happy birthday, and sending me a gift and flowers. But s/he didn't mention his/her name. So, whoever has sent me this message, tell me your name sharafat sey, warna............................................ warna main thankyou ka reply nahi karoun gee. <:o)

Then, at 12 am, my daddy wished me, and then my mom, and then everybody else. It was so good. We all were sitting out in the lawn, in the cool breeze. OMG. I can't tell how happy I felt at that time. Alhamdolillah, am so loved by all. :)

I also recieved a message from the sweetest Ras-Gulllay at 12:48 am. She has written, "Urgh. I forgot @ sharp to greet you HAPPY BIRTHDAY." Well Gul, you can wish me now. It's not that late ;) [ufff...kis ka asar aa gaya hay? Lol]

And not to forget my sweet Fa aapi, who wished me in advance. Am sooooo happyyyy... Please come online nowww... Missssssinggggg youuuuuuuuu. *hugs*

Then, BiYA & Anny bhai called me...and they wished me... And then we talked a lot, when Mommese snatched the phone from my hand, and started talking to BiYA. Lol!

And then there are my school friends, Maheen and Musty, who are so great to wish me. And how can I forget Barry, who came online today after a decade. Lol. Barrryyyy is my besht friend. We talked a little. And then, as usual, we had to say bye to each other soon :( I hate that time. Also, Zeeyaaa and SN wished me. And now Saadie has wished me. I hope, am not missing anybody.

So people, it's party time!!!!!!


Stay coooool.

Cheerio =)



Enuff of Greetings now.

Lady! Dont hesitate to tell us ur age without putting '+' or '-' signs lol multiply [x] chalay ga :D.


Great to see ur another happiest age cycle get over with all the well being. Hopa You have many more in future.


Thanks a million Gullay :)

Ok, I won;t add any plus, minus sign with my age...So, am 100...now, add the unit, and the plus, minus sign yourself! :)

And oh, thanks Harris and Zuhaib for the e-cards :)

i dont celebrate them anymore i just hide..

the last time i triesd to celebratemy friends gave me birthday bounces and not teh nice once s.. the bad ones :o

Hoppy Budday!!

uff muje 11:59 per scrap karna tha.. lekin haal toh dekho abhi uth raha hoon, :lol: @ pepsi wala event

Have a blast!

incident*, not event :P

Anonymous says:

A jumbo birthday cream cake coming right up ...
Happy headach ... er ... Birthday! :)

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
saalgirra mubarikkk sha

Have you read this: bateen ither uther ki suna kar jehan ko, woh kar gaye hein hazam darmian ki bat.

Happy Birthday.

HappppppppY Birthday!!!!!!!

*clears throat* ahhhh-hmmm ahhh-hhm *starts singing* Haaaaappyyy Birthdaaaayy tooooo youuUUuu ... Haaappy Birthdaaay tooo yooOOooouuu .... Haapppy birthday to dear diiinkyyyy, happy birrthday tooo yoooOOOoouuuu... *cough*

SO I hopes those who listened to me are still alive ^_^ hehe. Sorry yaar, I couldn't wish you on 00:00 today as I was confused about the dates *rolls eyes* Oh heck, you don't mind. Do you? See you tonight, inshAllah !!!! :)

post bad mein parhooon ga... pehlay happpy birthday my sweet sista. :p


deedee ki age hai.... deedee ki age hai......... ascii code of A divided by 13 multiply by 4

sab say pehlay mera e-card mila ya mein haar gya :( ????

bday girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!

Anonymous says:

Happy Bud-day....

"babu beeri bananay walon ki janib say umem ko saaal-girah ki khushyaan mubarak"

these wishes are from Rooj also ...

love you.

Anonymous says:

Happy budday. :)

Array wah thats a very nice post ... an insight into birthday scenees:))))))))

I'm late ... i know ... bur forgive me... mujhay 22nd tak yad tha but then i orgot aur aaj tumhay online dekh kar yaad aya ... pl z plz forgive me ... dont take bushy away as a punishment :))))

khair khair






Its ma favourite bday saying :)))))

And lolz at this cake cream and cold drnk part ...:)

Lve ya

stay happy always!!!

:) Happy belated b'day girlie..Allah hamaisha khush rakhay aap ko. Ameen.

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