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I called Bahria university at 11:58 am today to ask about my interview result, and the lady on the phone said, "The result is displayed out on the notice board" After a pause, she added, "and you can also check it on the website after 12"

hmmm...2 minutes!!!!!!

But then, I got busy in some work, and now 2 hours have been passed. So, here's the resultttttttt. My number is 395 for BBA program. Now this time, they have written my name correctly. Tomorrow, InshAllah, I will go to the university. [It should be open].

For all the people who prayed for me, I've got a chocolate-chip cookie (yes, just one cookie) ....so, share it among yourselves. I know you all will do justice with the cookie :)


I am also planning to join SZABIST, for they are offering BS (Econ.). Now the last date of submission of form to SZABIST is 3rd Sept.

Keep praying people :)

Cheerio =)



I wonder if they turned anybody down. :D
I recommend SZABIST.
Go for it.


you cant get awaqy with jus tone choco chip cookie :O

Anonymous says:

Wow, congratulations. But PLEASE don't join Bahria! From what I've heard it's a, well, mmmmm... now how do I put it... (Got my point? ;))

Plus it's right behind our university, and the kids keep making so much noise I can hear them whenever I happen to go by the hostels! They're a cultural mess!

Congrates :) ...i m sure u will clear szabist test/interview as well.

i dont mean to spoil the victory party but there are better places than some raggity uni .. try for iba ..

~[V]: I'm planning for SZABIST too.

~S!d: thankyou :)

~TM: shukria

~TDH: Now I've got many packets of cookies..yay :)

~Absar: Yes, I have also heard about those not-so-good changes in this university. Well, I don't know which university is behind Bahria...

~JonyBr: InshAllah... preparing for it now :)

~Tiddy: Time over for iba

Oye hoye! I want chocolates!!! cookies are not enuff.. greedy me.

Lo bhai.. ab szabist.. chalo us ke liye bhi best of luck!

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
mubarik n good luck

correct me if i am wrong but szabist ka bhi ho nahin chuka??
my friends cleared yesterday as well but they dont plan to join either.

lol, why do u kids apply at places u have no intention of joining? :P i mean, u know u can get into the place of ur choice. :-|

Anonymous says:

Hey! It's NUST! Check out www.pnec.edu.pk (although I highly recommend otherwise!) :P

congrats... What are u doing a BS in from if you go to bahria?

If it's CS.. go for it...

I've done my bachelors and masters from szabist, now in LUMS doing an MBA... I would recommend Bahria for anything related to compters... I would have said SZABIST for CS 3 years back, but our best teacher just left for Bahria.. adioz

~Raheel: chocolates. I don't share chocolates. Oh, and didn't I give you a lot of chocs on your birthday??? Don't you remember that? How evil of you then. lol

~Khattak: Walaikum Assalam :)

~S!d: BBA ka ho chuka...BS & LLB are left.

~Luci: Just for fun. lol, no!

~Absar: oops..ok :)

~Yasir: No, I plan to do BBA now. No computers.

oh god ... i'm so late in congratulating you ... but nevertheless!!!!!!!!!!

Congratsssssssssssss dear ... i knew u'll make it and best wishes and prayers for this szabist thinggy too!!!

Take carez love y!!!

now thats mean!

Btw MEAN reminded me that I meant to say that I want more chocolates. Those were bday ones and now these will be your result ones. And yaar I will return the leftover+jhooti chocolates back to you on your bday or maybe I will consume all of them even days before ur special day.

*evil laughs hahahahahaha*

Try to get admission in some peeli universities too =P bwwhahahaha

Anonymous says:

oye, congrats on getting into bahria... hope u pass szabist as well :)

~Asma: Thanks a million. Keep on praying.

~Raheel: How MEAN of you....hawww...
And yeah, in which peeli univ do you study? I'd be glad to join you there, and then steal the chocs and *run away* hahahah

~nj: Oh, thankyou sis.

Anonymous says:

Kool! And congrats. Waisay you dont need brains (this time i m serious, sid!) to get into szabist!

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