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I don't care if you like it or not, but now I have transferred all ky Haloscan's comments on Blogger comments. This was a pretty hectic job! And seriously, am dead tired. You can see the time - 3:06 am - and guess what, I started doing this tranferring thing at midnight, exactly!
My eyelids are closing now. My neck is rather at a strange angle, almost dangling. Am having the worst kind of pain in my shoulders and arms. So much so, that it seems to me they will break right away. Now I don't need to say anything about my ever-aching head. And after so much typing, my fingers......*screams* oh myGod, they have disappeared!

*moves neck left-right to get some relief from pain* Gosh, I need to stop doing that. That's making it worse!

I really really realllly feel like taking off my head and keeping it on a nice, soft couch for some rest!

Prayers needed.


cheerio folks!




snoring on the keyboard.

LOL! Umemo how did u even thought to do such a hectic job. Indeed its sounds worth annoying and tiring.

amazing decision

shows ur intellectual superiority

u did the right job by moving away from evil thing (http://essjee.blogspot.com/2005/07/haloscan-sucks.html )

to good option

good good

want to know what else would be nice ..

moving to wordpress ..

that would give you a week of sleepless nights :P

~Gul: I don't know. It came to my mind, and wanted to do it without wasting a second! Bas, I needed change! I was tired of Haloscan, and had always been a big fan of blogger comments. So, here they are!!!!

~Tm: Yeah. Haloscan was not troubling me much as it was becoming a problem for my commentators. So, it had to replaced by something better. And I guess, blogger comments are the best!

~TDH: After working for 3 hours straight, I feel like a half-dead person, and you want me to move to wordpress?! *faints*

fit hayee fit haii

logon ka kaamhai bolna

logon ki batoo main na aooo

dont repent

fit kaam kia haai

hmmm umm la lala lala what????
oh welcome to blogger comments.

dd please check your permalink behing timestamp plus in the settings disable the popup window for comments, its quite
annoying for a firefox user to get a popup.

asma ko batao her comments on the previous posts have also faded away... :p

ohhh poor u!!!

hate it though :)

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