Missing You!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, November 21, 2009
Missing you way too much today.
And I just can't stop these tears.
You shouldn't have left us so soon.
It's all becoming so uneasy for me. 
I'm not that old and strong enough to come out of this bitter reality.
But maybe I'm lucky enough to see you in my dreams so often.

Sometimes it's so difficult to just hold back my feelings.
But I think I just need to cry now!
I'm sure you're at a better place now.
And maybe that's all I can say to console myself!

I might not have been that expressive all my life but now I want to say:
I Love You!



I'm so sad for you. It's okay to shed tears. But, you have got to see the life you had, the moments you spent... and be thankful for that. Some people don't even get that, early or late.

These words sound meaningless when depression is acute.. but once the peak of it is gone, one can gain comfort from the Holy Quran, prayers, and of course, other family members.

Cheer up and smile soon :)


Its hard. And it feels like no one can really relate. You want to be strong but it gets really hard sometimes.

Its ok to let yourself cry... its ok to cry it out sometimes. But i promise it gets better with time.

And if you see him in your dreams, just say extra prayers for him - it will help a lot.

And girl, believe me, it gets better .. there is a light at the end of this tunnel. :)

Crying eases pain, don't let it bottle up inside. Cherish your memories but remember there's a beautiful life ahead that he wanted for you. Live his dream. :)

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