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I'm the kind of person who, if showed the wrong path, would blindly follow it. But well, unlike every other person, I can also control my feelings fairly easily too. A lil contradictory, no? =D

Okay, back to the topic. I went to visit my Mamoo today, who recently had his Angiography and Angioplasty. He has been strictly advised not to smoke again. But when he picked out his pack of cigarettes, almost everyone in the room screamed!!! =D But he, ignoring all comments and yells, ignited his cigarette and started making rings. I made a futile attempt in asking him to stop smoking and he offered me his cigarette. At first I refused politely (=P), saying that I will, for sure, smoke once in my life, but that would be a pipe or a cigar! But when he offered me again, I took it without any hesitation. Aisay mouqay baar baar nahi miltay =P So, I lightly inhaled it, and tried to exhale the smoke dramatically. Poink!!! Nothing happened! So, the next time, I inhaled a lil too much and again exhaled dramatically. Bingo! I became a pro in no time! =P Hehehe

Although the smell of that cigarette was a bit too strong, but the taste was awesome! =P Oh, and did I tell you my Momma was sitting right next to me? =P After the puffs, I looked at her and acted all nauseated.

Me: "Momma, ye to charh gai!" *started counting my fingers as 1-2-5-3-9-6*
Momma: *worried* "Hey, madam, you gotta drive back home!!!!!"

Hahahaha =D That was a cool experience btw! =P Those of my friends who aren't allowed to even smoke sheesha kinda get electrocuted when I casually tell them that my Mom does sheesha too =D But I find sheesha to be more tasteful than cigarettes.

Happy ssssssmokin' folks =P



Anonymous says:


!!!!!!What will be the next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dinky you are really AWESOME


BiYA says:

Yar K2 choro and try Marlboro....
OK lets have a smoke party....I'll bring it on my next visit to you.

"larki sudhar jao" (sound from inside)

~Anonymous: Cigar maybe =P And then pipe! =P

~BiYa: Hehehe =P Do bring your stock next time =P That'd be great fun! =D

Sheesha seems okie! But you better not smoke next time!
Waisay idea bura nae tha... Dagh to chala jaye ga... Per ye waqt kabhi nae aaye ga! :-D

Haha, well said Jingo Lala =P
And I've got 3 dunhill with me, but well, I want to smoke cigar now! =P

Tauba tauba tauba! Kia zamana aa gaya hai. Chori aur ooper se seena zori. :P (Does that fit here? :P Hehehe!)

Dinkz, want a wave invite? I've loads to give away and they are kinda a burden. :P

~Shuaib: Lol @ your mahawra =P Sadly, it doesn't fit here =P
Oh yeah, send send. =)


Don't waste them... :(

Worry not, Sawj! They're still saved with me. But for how long is the real question =P


you ACTUALLY smoked? You're kidding me!
I still can't believe it :s

Wow, dang. I still dont have the guts to try sheesha, thinking i might get addicted..

~Huda: Hahah... I did not smoke the whole pack, or even the whole darn cigarette! So just relaxxxxx =P

~Ali: People don't get addicted to sheesha, it's not that cheap! =D


chalo... one should should everything at least once in life...

~Qurty: =$

~UTP: Once in life he kia hay =$ Ziada ki khwahish nahi =P

Duuh! At what id? :/

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