Weather Changes Or Exam Stress?

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These weather changes are giving me a tough time now. My 2nd midterms are just a week away and I'm again falling ill. A month or so ago, during my 1st midterms, I gave every exam with watery eyes and red nosey =( And right after my exams ended, I was healthy and all well again! =/ I don't want this thing to repeat now! It's irritating!

A severe kind of flu attacked me yesterday and I could barely sleep last night. And today this darn backache almost killed me! All thanks to the 5-pm shower at which I'm always chastised severely =( So, in breakfast today I had soup! :/ Took steam before going to uni. Grrr... And when I got back home, I again had soup with "toasted" samosay! =/ Yep, a single droplet of oil/ghee seems fatal for me now =( I'm sick of sneezing, tired of coughing and fed up with this backache/headache =(

Why does it all have to happen right before or during my exams??? Or, should I rephrase it to, Why are my exams scheduled whenever I'm not in the position to study? =/

Prayers needed =(

Cheerio folks =(

PS: It seems odd wearing a sweater in this normal weather! But I have to cover my back in order to avoid backache, fever and flu! =/



My finals are just a few weeks away too.

Lots and lots of prayers for you! <3

And feel better!

Haseeb says:

I wish Health , Wealth and Wise
I wish , i Could wish u more... : P
Prayers for you................
..................n have a happy marathon with Exams...................

~Huda: Thankoo shweets =( Feeling better now in terms of sneezes only =( Fever's striking back =(

~Haseeb: Thank you =) Keep praying please.

kuch loagon ko flu hota hay...
kuch loag flu ko hotay hain...

Hahahahahahaha, meray saath bhi yehi hota hai! :P

~UTP: Hahah. Aisa nahi =D

~Sawj: I love winters, only if I'm not asked to study =(

Aww, hope you're all god by now. :)

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