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So a feeble wave of winter is right here. I really enjoy such mild winters but not when I'm faced with dry hands and sweaty feet. :/ I'm sick and tired of moisturizing my hands after every 5 minutes!!! They're literally inhaling the lotions and creams. Dove cream is so not effective! And so isn't Jergens! :/ And to get rid of dry hands, I'm advised to drink loads and loads of water! First of all, I just can't drink the regular 8 glasses of water daily. I can't even drink 3 whole glasses either! Second of all, how does a  dose of 8 glasses of choco-drink sound instead of plain warm water :$

I'm becoming a heck lot of fatty these days :/ All these meat-ings at ours and our cousins' places are turning out to be a menace. I mean when you go to BBQ parties, you have to eat a lot! I mean, one just can't resist! Plus, drink all those fizzy drinks and your tummy-meter shows full! And just to act all nice, you can't even refuse to 'taste' the sweet dish. Thankfully, I don't eat Gaajar ka Halwa, but ice-creams and cakes are so irresistable! =$ So, the main meal, salads, beverages, sweet dish... and so on, and you end up with a perfectly horrible pot belly! =/

Life's not fair! =( Why isn't it like 'the more you eat the smarter you look'? =P



Anonymous says:

Okay here's some advise from someone who always gets the 'Hai Allah! Tumharay haath kitney naram hein!' ;-)

1) NO ONE can drink that much water till they're... er... fish. Get some orange juice. Dilute it 1/2 glass or orange juice with 1/2 glass of water. Doesn't taste half bad! You can actually get down a LOT of water that way. Plus all that Vit C is excellent for your chapped skin! Oh and its got little to no sugar (get the sugar free orange) so its not bad for your weight either!

2) For chapped hands, here's what I do: Every time you make wudu ya waisey hee go to the bathroom, wash your hands with neem garam paani. Then slather on olive oil. Massage for a moment. Then dab your hands with a tissue ya koi purana chota tawliya. Keep a bottle of olive oil in the washroom and do this every time you wash your hands. Works wonders. And no, it isn't OILY as people think. It gets absorbed really fast. Plus, there's no smell. :-)

At night, use lotion. You don't want oil in your hair/ on your pillow etc.

Btw, I might be mis-stating some truths here. Mairay haath is liyay naram nai, woh aisey he hein ;-) I do thsi for my brother because he has horribly dry skin and hands like... well, like a dinosaur's foot, really. Scaly and hard. Yrrggh. Works with him! Good luck!

And behn, weight gain ka koi ilaj nai. Just eat the meat at the BBQ; skip the na'an. You'll be amazed at how well that works! :-)

Anonymous says:

I meant adviCe. I don't know where my brain is these days. :(

Miss Specs - Fish don't drink water, they poop in it! :P

DM - You seriously need to get fat! And to imagine you "eating a lot" is quite funny. :P

Anonymous says:

Oh yeah, fair point. HAHA. :D

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