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کل تو سکون سے گزر گئی (گیا؟) مگر آج کیوں اتنا روزہ لگ رہا ھے؟

ایک تو آج یہ مغرب کب ھوگی؟ :(

I know I shouldn't be saying like this but... okay, I stop!

Pwease pray for me :(

Cheerio folks.



Anonymous says:

Oooooh ... this is how I'm feeling exactly :<


~Asma: I'm worse off. These retainers in my mouth are creating extra problem for me. :/

Anonymous says:

ohh goodness .. my paara baby =X

Anonymous says:

You two are hilarious. Anyway, I will definitely pray for you. :)

~Asma: Jes jes :( *hugs*

~Anony: Thanks for visiting my blog :) And for the prayers too :)

It happens :D.. but er, I guess, we shouldn't SAY that , y'know. Woh kehtay hain nee, roza kharab hota hay ...

And hope your dad gets well real soon Insha Allah

~Uni: Yeah, that's why I stopped myself :P

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