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Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, June 12, 2008 in
Yesterday we had a power failure at 4:15 pm. Thought it was a normal loadshedding thing and hoped for the power to return after exactly 2 hours. But it returned after exaclty 26 hours!!!! Everything, including me, melted! :/

I'm sick of these cable faults and power failures. Last night I slept around 4 am. Then woke up at 7. Couldn't take my usual three-hour nap, as there wasn't any power from 3-6! Haye!!! Imagine, I, Umemalicious, didn't sleep properly in the past 32 hours!!!

whaaaaaatttttt???? *falls on bed and sleeps*

*opens an eye and says in a sleepy voice "cheerio forks" :P and sleeps again*



Anonymous says:

Its getting from bad to worse...its back to the drawing board for the new government...

Anonymous says:

Oh hoo tu isliyay neend arahi thi =P

Hope ye've been dreaming the type of dreams ye ought to be dreaming... not driving a dinky chocolate car on chocolate roads, that's to say.. :p

~UTP: I hope Pakistanis stop this habit of "bijli chory-ing" and the government starts working on these power shortages and all.

~Asma: What else did you think? :P

~Hinz: Why do you want me to dream a little dream of that "him", whom I don't even know :P

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