Here Come I To My Own Again....

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Although I had to visit my dentist on Jun 24, still I went today without calling him and confirming. Went there and found out that my dentist is off on vacations!!! So, I asked the other dentist uncle to remove my braces. It took an hour to get that (well, not so) sicko thing detached from my teeth. And it was hell painful! Seriously!

After I came home, ammi was so excited and wanted to see my (well, not so) new smile. =) I thought I used to look like a chota bacha in braces. *sigh* And Ammi confirmed it!!! :D At first, I didn’t like my new smile. And I literally spent some 20 – 30 minutes in front of the mirror just trying to calm myself that it wasn’t that bad (since I now can’t get braces again!!!)

The first thing I ate after getting these braces off was a spoonful of chocolate spread!! :D Yummm yummm! =) And it was so much fun to have it. Earlier, when I would eat rice or chicken or sandwich, half of it would go into my tummy and the other half would get stuck in my braces. And it was so much pain to brush my teeth after every teeny weeny thing that I'd eat. So, from now on, I'd use a new tooth brush and discover the joys of brushing braceless teeth. Hahaha :D

Waisay, I have noticed that I can eat a little fast now. With braces, I would take tiny toony bites and would try to get them straight to the tummy without getting them stuck in those braces. Those were horrible times. I had lost like 3-4 kgs. And now, without braces, I'm again going to become a mutallo!

Pray for me again, pweez.

Cheerio folks *_*

PS: Check out when I got braces.



Anonymous says:

I hope the reason why the braces were ON was solved...and you can enjoy all the stuff...

I ve never had braces (Thank God) but yeah I remember how a friend used to have em on....and hate the cleaning part...he was a guy so VERY LESS cleaning...and it used to gross out...pretty much everybody...when he smiled...

Anonymous says:

Umem Ji,
braces or no braces..You were always a perfect, because looks are nothing its the person that you were , are and will be is all that matters.
But its nice to hear that you had your braces removed. Cause now the troubles will be less. Cheerios!!!


Anonymous says:

OMG .. this anony is ur *secret Admirer* ;P

And Mutallo .. sh*t sh*t sh*t ... it used to be my nick name at home .. thanks to my cozins ... the one who gave me this still calls me so :(( Uffffff ... uffff ... mutallo :P

And happy no-braces life ... smile ;D

Anonymous says:

Umem Ji

Blush blush ;P

Anonymous says:

~UTP: Oh yeah, today I had so many bags of chips (just 2 actually - aik he din mei mota nae hona) and I enjoyed every bit of it! Now I can easily eat samosas without spraying its filling :P (naahhh, Im not that gross) ;)
Waisay some people do look good in braces (like me) :P

~Anon. BHAI: Thanks for all this "tareef". I would like to know who you are, because I don't think I'm perfect and everybody agrees :P

~Asma: Astaghfirullah!
*^*Asma is sooo cute*^* Ab dekhna kia hota hay :P
Tension not. Aaj se him bhee aap ko Miss Mutallo keh ke bulaya karein gey :P
And stop blushing, werna *^*Asma is sooo cute*^* :P

Congrats, Umem! Now you can appear in the dentonic ad :P

Khair, talking on a different topic, I'm glad I didn't miss anything ... ;)

~HIna: Lol, yeah. Else you would've asked me a zillion and one questions :D

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