Giving up Greasy Parathas!!!

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I have been a paratha addict since childhood. I just can't have roti or bread for breakfast. For lunch and dinner too, I prefer having parathas with any dish. Similarly, I have been an addict to fried stuff, especially french fries!!!

Just yesterday, I had paratha and fried teenday for dinner. [If anybody knows the english name of teenday, please let me know]. Thanks to these ultay seedhay new times, I just can't keep track of my time zone, and hence, had dinner at 10:15, which is too late for me. Then I drank a full glass of water, which further aggravated the idiotic situation. I couldn't properly digest all that oil-soaked dinner, and started feeling ...ermm...awful! :D
It was then that with my teary eyes and burning tummy, I promised myself not to eat such greasy stuff, especially at night!!!! So, today, I had roti in dinner! :/ Everybody on the dinner table was really shocked to see me having roti and not paratha. But I had my eyes on Bushi's paratha. He's also a paratha addict like me. So, I took my last two bites from his paratha :P
Cheerio folks =)
PS. I'm berry berry happy today for two reasons. One, I'm done with almost all of my reports, and the other reason...well, I won't tell you :P



Anonymous says:

I remember having mangoes with paratha when I was in KHI...here we dont get mangoes...at least not at affordable rates...

Yeah, it's fun having mangoes with parathas. Once this cousin of ours came to our place and we served him mango with paratha. The poor kid kept waiting for the omelette or jam to come :D

Anonymous says:

have ya evr tried Pratha with Mango Pickle, if no then you missed the heavenly taste of it.

Anonymous says:

nice post, and thank god you stopped eating greasy foods at night.. Really gives a hard burning too sometimes.

the second reason you are not telling, is because you are blushing? is the news of that sort?

oh between, checkout the website www.foodymoody.com it might help you locate the name for teenday.

Anonymous says:

have to leave this so you don't forget to check ;)
take cares

I'd prefer paratha over a roti any given day, but I so don't want to be .... motiiii :D

~WIAN: Have you ever tried a paratha with yogurt (which has loadsa chaat masala in it) plus garlic chatney? You need to try that!!!! :D

~Anon.: that was for one day only :P
And no, the news is not "that sort" or "this sort"..It was just to add some spice to the post :P

~Foody moody: I did check it, couldn't locate any teenday :P

~Hina: Elegant girls like us never get motiiiis :P so keep eating parathas and chocos :D

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