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Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, June 27, 2008 in ,
  • Jun 23: Exams finitoed
  • Jun 24: Had a dinner party (and slept at 6 am)
  • Jun 25: Started internship (had to reach office at 9 am)
  • Jun 26: Got some work to do here in the office (that too around 4:30 pm) :/
  • Jun 27: Completed that some pending work by 10 am. And again free!

There's hardly any work for me. I have to run after people to give me work. But thankfully, I have now made a friend over here (an auditor). Out of 50 employees here, there are just 3 females. People are so dead busy over here, they hardly talk. And Ema, the chatterbox, feels dead bored and waits for the clocks to strike 5. This 9 to 5 life is really boring if you dont have much work to do. :~

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

9 to 5 ... netter see the 9 - 6 life =P

Why they hired you if they have to be bz-all-the-time and you looking for some ... snatch the work :)


Anonymous says:

Where are you interning?

~Asma: Your prayers worked...Got work today :D

~FoodyMoody: in a manufacturing company :)

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