Just an Apple!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, February 24, 2006 in
(M:Me, D:Dad)

M: *innocently* I need an Apple.
D: *uninterested*Nice Sentence!
M: *flared up* I said I need an Apple.
D: You know it's not healthy to have apples at this hour. I'll get you a dozen tomorrow morning.
M: I don't want a dozen. I need just one.
D: *raised an eyebrow* Just one?
M: Yeah. Just one. A 12-inch PowerBook G4 Apple laptop.
D: *jaws dropped open*
M: No, that wasn't french. I need an Apple.
D: I suspected that. So?
M: *waiting for his answer* So...what?
D: *enraged* So, what do you want from me?
M: *innocently* I need an Apple...



Anonymous says:

Lol! The same thing happens every 6-7 months between me any my brother :P

I don't mean to sound too geeky (can't help being just a little geeky), Apple isn't shipping PowerPC G4 based PowerBooks anymore. The new PowerBooks are now called "MacBook Pro"s. They come with the Intel Core Duo dual core processor. Still runs the same software, just the processor is different. Definitely the hottest laptop out there!

Apples are getting very expensive these days ;)

Nice sentence! :p

~Absar: If it's not shipping, I can get it here by a few of my contacts who live there. Waisay, I've heard an Apple store has been opened here in Zamzama Blvd. I've to go and check it out. I checked those MacBook Pros also. They're too cool. Pray I own one ;)

~Raheel: So, what's the price? ;)

Anonymous says:

oo yeahh....
i wan a mango~~pineappl bhi chaley ga..;)
~~no mercy

Intel Dual core processor one will be too costly and it will be required only when you perform myriad processing.

By the way Apple PowerPC based is a good choice but there are very good ones available from other vendors as well. You might check them out as well and i thought at first its about Apple iPod Nano. Do you have it ?...is it a item in your wishlist ? :).

oh good yeah just an apple :) less me wid one too :) if u get one ... just asking for an apple :P

Anonymous says:

On the other hand, I would have been contented with just an apple.

The one your dad was talking about.

An apple a da,keeps the Gates away!

j/k...since the most running software on MAC is Microsoft office!

Anonymous says:

When I say it's not shipping, I mean they've stopped production :) The only way you can get a G4 is buying stock, and there's really no point in that because it's already obsolete... it's been there for over 4 years! :o Get a MacBook, oh that's sooooo coooool!

Absar: I think Apple are still shipping it, c its on the Apple store the link dinky posted. or maybe it is just a stock but still specs are almost upto date. Though Macbook is way cooler but bit opar kee cheez.

Btw Dinko have you thought app Apple ka kiya karo gay :P??

Anonymous says:

I love their iPods.

Anonymous says:

I love their iPods.

anything but apple......i hate *excuze me* i mean dont really like apple.....

Anonymous says:

Did someone say Apple? Now everyone thinks Apple/Macs are hard to use, but check this out. You might to have change your opnions:
Think Different - Use Apple :)

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